Friday, July 23, 2021


  Looking for a class for the Technician Class license? There may be a few videos, I have found one that is on Youtube.. it is put on the Williamson County, TN ARES group.

 Here is another... it may start out a little crude, but they do cover a bunch of items and they have more as you go along...

  The FCC has a training video as well.. this link goes to the first of a series, just like some of the others.   I am giving you a choice in case you do not seem to be getting what you are looking for in one circumstance.

 Here is one that touts that it contains everything you need for the Technician License.. Only one hour  This video presentation is based on the 'No-Nonsense Technician-Class License Study Guide' by Dan Romanchik KB6NU, Between the two, it DOES have a lot of information but in taught in an understandable way... Link to KB6NU's site is:

Sunday, July 11, 2021


 The FCC (Federal Communications Commission or as W8FLA sk would say "the Friendly Candy Company") has been making some more regulatory changes that involve Amateur Radio. It looks as if some stations may be required to show that they are in compliance with the rules. This may take place between now and 2025. 

 Having to prove that the emissions from your station are safe. There are hundreds of thousands of amateur radio operators ("hams") worldwide.  Amateur radio operators in the United States are licensed by the FCC.  The Amateur Radio Service provides its members with the opportunity to communicate with persons all over the world and to provide valuable public service functions, such as making communications services available during disasters and emergencies. 

 Like all FCC licensees, amateur radio operators are required to comply with the FCC's guidelines for safe human exposure to RF fields.  Under the FCC's rules, amateur operators can transmit with power levels of up to 1500 watts.  However, most operators use considerably less power than this maximum.  Studies by the FCC and others have shown that most amateur radio transmitters would not normally expose persons to RF levels in excess of safety limits.  This is primarily due to the relatively low operating powers used by most amateurs, the intermittent transmission characteristics typically used and the relative inaccessibility of most amateur antennas.  As long as appropriate distances are maintained from amateur antennas, exposure of nearby persons should be well below safety limits.

   To help ensure compliance of amateur radio facilities with RF exposure guidelines, both the FCC and American Radio Relay League (ARRL) have issued publications to assist operators in evaluating compliance for their stations. 

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Hamfest Listing

 Here is a listing of  upcoming Hamfests. 

There are more in the State, but list shows the Eastern Side.


08/07/2021 - Hamfest 2021
Location: Jefferson, WI Type: ARRL Hamfes
Sponsor: TCARC / Jefcares

NEW***  Delta County Amateur Radio Society
Saturday August 7th 2021
9 am to 1 pm EDST
American Legion Post 301
10584 N Main St
Rapid River, Mi. 49878
Talk in 147.150 (+600 / 100 PL)
Swap Info:
All tables $5.00
Send all table registrations to:
Walt K8WLT 906-420-3449
Setup Friday 5pm to 7pm and Saturday 7am to 9am
Food and refreshments will be available
08/21/2021 - Northwoods Hamfest
Location: Tomahawk, WI
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Tomahawk Repeater Assoc. & Rhinelander Repeater Assoc.
08/28/2021 - MRAC & MAARS Interclub Swapfest
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Milwaukee Radio Amateurs' Club & Milwaukee
Area Amateur Radio Society
09/11/2021 - Ozaukee Radio Club Regional Fall Swapfest
Location: Cedarburg, WI
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Ozaukee Radio Club (ORC)
10/16/2021 - Wisconsin ARES/RACES Conference, ARRL Wisconsin State
Location: Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: WeComm Ltd

Monday, May 24, 2021

Field Day 2021 History

 Everything was timed perfectly... 8AM we met for breakfast.. shortly after 9 we left the diner when we felt the first of the predicted rain.  But we headed toward Pine Tree Park as the rain drops got closer together.

 Determined, we rolled out the antennas, ropes, power cords, etc. I don't know if it was the rain, but we almost totally ready to begin by 11:30. 

It took the first hour to finally get three contacts, but after that they finally started to come in. We began with three stations. One station was using a Wolf River Coil and the other two were using Off Center Fed dipoles. The third dipole was not set up. 

The turnout of personnel was great. Everyone lent a hand. We broke for the annual dinner. The Club furnished the brats and burgers and fixin's .. the others came with dishes to pass -  a good mix.  The rain did not slow anything down.. the conversation was flowing as fast as the rain.. long after the meal was finished.. Is the meal ever finished? Not when you have young folks.. Later in the evening I walked to the shelter and smelled something good. . some of the gourmet cooks had some scours of kabobs  covering the hot coals.. 

It became quieter after midnight.. just two of us left in the park.. I turned off the generator.. at 4:30 the sound of another generator woke me up.. so I filled ours and turned it on.. got out the Bunn coffee maker I had brought with some Starbuck's coffee grounds and made a pot expecting some early operators.. and maybe it was the waffling smell of the coffee, but soon we were warming up the dipoles as the bands became better. 

Did I mention it was raining? Ever since we left the diner.. As noon drew near, the decision to shut down was given.. by this time there were a good number of members there to help take it down and clean up.  Of course as we went down the road, the clouds began to break up and the sun shone the rest of the day..

If we were contesters, we may have been slightly disappointed with our score. But seeing we are just partly in that category and mostly hobbyists having a good time sharing stories and experiences .. Now we have another "remember when"..     


Saturday, April 10, 2021

Club Radio Equipment For Sale

. The following items are for sale  and will be sold by taking bid offers from interested individuals.
 1. Bid requests will be emailed to Paul Racine, KBØP, (Secretary) kbØ 
  2. Payment will be by cash or check only.

 The Club reserves the right to refuse any offers for the equipment to be sold.
 1. Icom IC-718 transceiver, .    SOLD
2. Chameleon F-Loop2.0 antenna 40-15 meters - SOLD
 3. Heathkit Audio Generator...  Make an offer
 4. Radio Shack 6 Volt Power Adaptor
  5. EICO Signal Generator  model 324   Make an offer

Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Thanks to Matt, KC9UHI, there is a VHF Winlink Node in Green Bay. This is great for those that use the Winlink System. With the propagation just coming back, connecting to the system via HF has been hit and miss. I have been using the VHF node in Appleton area this past Winter but using high power on the radio. This new node is really a saver.. node name kc9uhi-10 Frequency is 145.030.. If you have Winlink already - here is a great video on how to get on the VHF mode.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Did You Know ?

Did you know that the Mike & Key Club is an affiliated club with the Amateur Radio Relay League? (ARRL)
Did you know that dues are due within the first quarter of the year to stay as an active member and not removed from the list? Still $20.
Did you know that the Happenings newsletter is sent to more than 130 individuals.. not all belong to the M&K Club and some not licensed operators.
Did you know that Over the past year the Technician class has increased at an average rate of 18/day.
Did you know The Novice class has decreased at an average rate of 2/day.
Did you know the General class has increased at an average rate of 5/day.
Did you know The Advanced class has decreased at an average rate of 6/day.
Did you know The Extra class has increased at an average rate of 6/day.

Tech Talk

>Do you have a “Show and Tell” of a project you may want to share – or give a short talk about setting up a “shack” --- or operating safely, grounding (what to ground and what not to) What does a lightning arrestor do and how to tell if it is good. How about how to solder connectors onto coax, is that better or worse than crimp on type (some debate on that one) Antenna switches.. your take on which ones work - which ones need work… Can you use it for having one antenna and multiple radios.. is there going to be feedback into the output of the other radios? Even if they are turned off ..? These are some example of what can be presented during that short time of Tech Talk that takes place before the meetings the second Thursday of the month.. (sometimes on Zoom) Have something? Contact Dave, KD9HJJ at :

Newly Licensed Hams

Newly Licensed Hams often wonder “Now what?” You can discover all that you can do in Ham Radio. There is a section of the ARRL that has an online magazine called “On the Air Magazine”. Accessible also on Facebook, and there is a blog or podcasts.. See (or a local Ham and don’t be afraid to ask for help)

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Wisconsin QSO Party

March 14, 2021 - Wisconsin QSO Party Yes, Daylight Saving Time begins also.. 1800Z to 0100Z 1:00PM CDT to 8:00PM CDT Sunday, March 14- for rules, go to the site. So start planning now.. get a buddy or make a buddy by showing a Tech more about Ham Radio. Make sure your logging software is up to date.

Another offering separate from the WARAC, You can be a winner if you are a paid up member of the M&K Club and send in a copy of your QSO party submission and have logged the most counties in the State to "" .. With some of the band conditions, 15 might be a winner.. There are 72 counties in Wisconsin..
10 Meter ContestThe contest has begun on the first of the month of February How many contacts have you made? I have some.. been hanging in the Tech Area around 4PM until the call for supper. The rules can be found on this site on the right side under the January posts or on the Club Facebook page. This is a Club Member Contest…
February 11th, Mike & Key Club Meeting. 6:30-7.. Tech Talk 7PM to 8PMish Meeting.. The Agenda and the Minutes of the previous meeting are attached to bottom of the email that was sent out. Please take part in the meeting. . there are some important events and their dates that need some input.. Zoom meeting info was sent via email.
February 10th Siren Test NetThe list of sirens in the County is attached to the monthly email. If interested in receiving the list to join the net. Contact the email below. Pick a location, go there, check in with the Net Control, between 11:45 and Noon on the 147.120 repeater. Then at Noon, report hearing the siren (or not) and if it is the type that has moving parts, if they moved.. Besides the second Wednesday, you can go out each Wednesday and monitor the siren, but report via email to

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Happenings in Radio Jan.

 January - an new year and planning has begun:

January 13.. We begin to monitor the warning sirens in Brown County. If you want to help with this on the Second Wednesday of the month  at 11:45AM - Noon, send an email to the Club address :  to get a list of the sirens with their location.

January 14th.  The Mike & Key Club meets on the Second Thursday of the month. Because of the CV19 the meetings are held on Zoom. at 7PM  Links to the meeting will be sent via email.

This month there will be a Tech Talk prior to the meeting at 6:30PM  Paul KB0P, will be introducing us to the HamShack Hotline.  If you have something to share for the upcoming Tech Talks, please let us know.. contact any officer or send the club an email.. 

 If you want to check your radio skills working out in the field, the Parks on the Air is for you.  This latest activity has been growing. Look for Parks on the Air (POTA) on Facebook or contact Nathan KD9MVU.

Now is a good time to update your Club Dues. Send Checks to The Green Bay Mike & Key Club -- P.O.Box 13351, Green Bay, WI  54307.... or by credit card..  see the link 

Did you know there is a Club net at 8:45pm on Tuesdays on the 147.120 repeater. Thanks to Dale WB9NRK who has been Net Control ... 

10 Meter Contest ... see below. 


Saturday, January 9, 2021

2021 Officers

President - Dave Ziesmer,  KD9HJJ

VP - Wes Michael. W9WES 

Sec. - Paul Racine. KB0P 

Treasurer - John Wolfe. W0LFE 

Members At Large/Programs Committee

Mel Stromenn  - K9GB, 

Nick Marto -KB9UAE 

Nathan Parks- KD9MVU 

Club Email Address: