Monday, February 22, 2021

Tech Talk

>Do you have a “Show and Tell” of a project you may want to share – or give a short talk about setting up a “shack” --- or operating safely, grounding (what to ground and what not to) What does a lightning arrestor do and how to tell if it is good. How about how to solder connectors onto coax, is that better or worse than crimp on type (some debate on that one) Antenna switches.. your take on which ones work - which ones need work… Can you use it for having one antenna and multiple radios.. is there going to be feedback into the output of the other radios? Even if they are turned off ..? These are some example of what can be presented during that short time of Tech Talk that takes place before the meetings the second Thursday of the month.. (sometimes on Zoom) Have something? Contact Dave, KD9HJJ at :

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