Sunday, August 7, 2022

Radio Happenings August 1, 2022..


August 7th – National Lighthouse Day… More in the following…..

August 10th – Siren Test Net..   August 11th  - Thursday, Mike & Key Club Meeting – 7PM  St. Norbert College, Science Bldg, 4th floor

August 27th – Club Picnic

  Here we are - one month before we get to start our Fall mode. Time to squeeze in everything we had hoped to do this summer. I finally got to drive around and look for the noise problem I have had for the past 6 months.. I  think it was found at the three transformers behind Uncle Mike’s bakery… contacted WPS and will wait for their findings… Used a method that was put together by W4DD in a Youtube video.. did not have his software program but went by the screen on the 7300 and a 10 meter vertical antenna.. hard to do by your self, so I recruited KD9HJJ to help..tks…

Going to try to put the picture of what I see below….  If you look to the upper left corner, you will see that the noise is at S9

August 7th every year is Lighthouse Day.  I wrote a lot about it in the last Newsletter. The open house is from 10 to 5.. stop in.. If you are interested in operating  this year – Please let me know.  We are going to operate on 20 and 40 meters from 1130ish to 3PM. it is on a Sunday. Want to give it a try??      bring the family.  Going to finalize the times with the folks there on Tuesday a little after 5…

Club Picnic- At the last meeting it was suggested to have it on August 27th.  I have not heard anything else up to this point except that it may be catered like last time … Location was not firmed yet. 

Ham Cram.. there was a discussion about having a Ham Cram. A person that came to visit the Field Day was inquiring when one might be held. At the Club meeting, the question of how many persons are looking to participate? Are there more persons looking at a ham cram for the General or the Extra license?

Good questions – as far as the latter question, the persons that receive this letter would be able to answer.. The persons  that would want the Technician level would not see this to be able to reply unless one of you have knowledge of their need. In the past, there was a flyer that advertised it and asked for them to sign up.. that had good response.

   If you know of anyone that would be interested in any of the “Crams” , reply back to this address.. before or during our next Club meeting on the 11th …. Send to:

Have a HF radio that you may want to part with or swap+ for a different one? Someone is looking to upgrade to a radio that is more adaptable to operating digital.. like to Winlink. Has an Alinco HF to swap… +

Coming up >>>
Things  that we have historically scheduled:
September: Presentation of By-Law Changes..
October: Nomination of Officers and Plan Christmas Party: Possible JOTA event 3rd weekend.
November : Annual Meeting – Elect Board Members
December: Christmas Party – Officers positions chosen.

09/10/2022 - Ozaukee Radio Club Regional Fall Swapfest*
Location: Cedarburg, WI
*09/23/2022 - 09/24/2022
HRO Superfest, ARRL Central Division Convention
*10/08/2022 - Black River Amateur Radio Assoc. - 17th Annual Central WI SwapFest

That’s it for this email/ Newsletter.… 
Stay Radio Active..

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Note for Baofeng Buyers at Hamfest

   *Item from the HamFest .. IF you know if you or  someone that purchased some Baofeng radios from N8KQS,  they may have the wrong chargers.. It was pointed out that the 5 watt radios had some 8 watt chargers and vise versa .  The 5 watt chargers are square cornered where the 8 watt chargers have rounded corners and do not make good contact for charging. Replacements are available on a swap basis. 

      There are still some Baofeng radios left.. Spare antennas... headsets.. speaker mikes.. two UPS units... a MFJ dummy load... spare chargers for the 5 watt units.. other odds and ends... All receipts go to the M&K Club.   920 227 3235

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Radio Happenings July 11, 2022


July 13th – Siren Test Net July 14th – 11:45 check in. The siren list is  attached to the same email that sent  this newsletter..  

July 14th Thursday, Mike & Key Club  Meeting – 7PM 

 St. Norbert College, Science Bldg, 4th floor

Here we are at the middle of the  calendar year already.. at least it seems  to have arrived faster this year.. A  seemingly different weather pattern  with windy days and lower humidity  (except today, of course). 

 It may be a good time to check to see  what is ahead before school starts and  the football schedule comes out… It still  amazes me how that influences stores,  weddings, trips, parties and even  church services.  

1. A number of years ago, someone  noticed that there was a National  Lighthouse Day on August 7th every  year. There were even Special Events  for that in QST. An idea was born.. we  could do that too.. and we did… This  year – it is on a Sunday. Want to give it  a try??  


There are two lighthouses right here on  the river. 

If you go toward Bay Beach  

Amusement Park.. then go Northerly on  North Irwin Ave alongside the park it  turns into Bay Beach Road. When you  get near the end of the road, there is  public boat landing on the left and just  past that, is the Green Bay Yachting  Club. 

 Within their property are the two  Grassy Island Range Lights. National  Numbers #334 & #339. 

 Two years ago, 2 million dollars were  spent on renovations which is quite  evident.. You can visit there on  Tuesdays from 5PM to 7PM when the  gates are open.. On Aug. 7th, there is an  Open House from 10AM to 5PM.. bring  the family. info/grassy-island-range-lights/ 

 2. As August rolls near and you can  still hear the corn growing at night, it  brings thoughts of roasting corn on the  grill or fire pit.. Picnics… Club Picnic??

As you may have heard, there will be  some changes made to the area we  have used for Field Day for the past  years and it will not be available any  more. 

 A suggested location has been put  forth. The Village of Hobart has another  park a little North of where we were. It  is the Four Seasons Park. It is located  on 40 acres. Lots of room, no doubt. A  new shelter.. But if you get an  opportunity, take a ride there and look  it over.. like everything else, “Beauty is  in the eye of the beholder”. 

 This might be brought up at the Club  meeting this week..  

Out West Mason to Overland Dr turn  right.. to Four Seasons Lane. 

Financial Report 

Balance 6/6/2022 $ 13,634.20 

Deposit 6/9 Hamfest 342.18
Deposit 6/10 Hamfest 753.00
Deposit 6/13 Hamfest 1,339.55
Deposit Paypal 23.79
Deposit PayPal 18.93
Deposit KA9BXG 426.00
Deposit N8KQS 117.28 

Total Deposits 3,021.21   

Debit Festival 6/13 338.35

Debit Festival 6/13 70.91

Debit Festival 6/13 78.83

Debit Festival 6/27 58.60 Total Debits 546.69 



Balance 6/21/2022 16,108.72

 Fraud Withdrawals 6/22-6/24 14,997.86 

Associated Bank contacted on 6/27/2022 and  notified of fraudulent activities. Investigation is  active as of 6/27/2022

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Radio Happenings July 2, 2022..

Link to the Press Times article about the Mike & Key Club... 

July 9th – Hamfest at Oak Creek South Milwaukee Swapfest 2022!  7:00 am to 3:30 pm --Sellers can enter at 6:00 am…$5.00 per person at the gate--American Legion Post 434 --9327 S Sheppard Ave, Oak Creek Wi - Talk-in Frequency 146.910 127.3PL -offset
 July 13th – Siren Test Net 
July 14th Mike & Key Club Meeting – 7PM St. Norbert College, Science Bldg, 4th floor

Field Day 
    A great start with a large group for breakfast at the Oak Street Café. KA9BXG and N9BC arrived at the site earlier and started setting up.. they set up a satellite tracking antenna system and two HF antennas plus the radio systems. When the rest got out to the park, a OCF 2-80 antenna was set up and an all band vertical by K9IQ was attached to the baseball area fence.. 
    The entire shelter was rented.. we had thought that there was a kitchen behind the small window doors… it turned out to be empty, save but a refrigerator and a junior fire vehicle. One radio station was placed in there which turned out good when the misty rain and cool winds came. 
    The generator power lines were run and the laptop logging software was energized. At 1PM the radios were activated and the logging began. The lack of high powered HF signals was quite evident this year with the new ruling. 20 and 40 meters were humming. Most modes, digital, cw, and phone were being used.
      Around 5:30 some of the brats and burgers were cooked and the dishes to pass were plentiful… so the camaraderie commenced.. and the stories and other chit chat continued on for a few more hours…. 
   The night was uneventful.. until after waking from a nap at 4am, I turned on radio on 10 meters and made a contact. Turned on the laptop and filled in the information in the log. Pressed the enter button… that log was on the screen but the other 271 contacts disappeared!! .PANIC.
    I went over to Master laptop and it was just showing the regular desktop on the screen. Picked on the N3FJP icon and it came up with everything there- phew --- but 10 seconds later it looked like the first one -  with just one contact!!....
      The wifi was on for tying the logging together .. but the networking was not working on the software… I decided to just wait until the Wizards of the Keyboards came in.
      It took a little while but the logs were found and put back on the main computer but the linking through the network still did not function. So we continued to log independently and the logs would have to be joined after FD.
        A beautiful Sunday morning and the sounds of “.. K9EAM 4 alpha whiskey india” continued.. Sometime after Noon, the generator was about ready to need refilling. The contacts began to fade, so everything began to be disassembled and put away.
      A big thanks to all that came out to set up, operate, cook, eat, chat, log, experiment and take down the area. That goes for the YLs, XYLs, SWLs and those that came out because they read something in the paper about Field Day and were reignited to be a Ham.. Thanks AB9GK.          That may have been our last time at Pine Tree Park.. from a couple of good sources, that there may be changes made there which might cause the shelter to be removed. So rather than waiting for next year to think about it, start looking to give suggestions for a new Field Day Site. The difficult part… is to be able to stay overnight. Hobart has been very good to us in that regard.

  Ever hear of RATPAC?
     Radio Amateur Training Planning and Activities Committee (RATPAC) comprises Amateur Radio Operators of a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. 
    Together, they host nationwide Amateur Radio Zoom presentations twice-a-week, Wednesdays on general radio topics and Thursdays on amateur radio emergency communications. The topics are selected from audience recommendations that the planning committee then seeks topic experts or discussion panel members. 
      The presentation audience consists of thousands of amateur radio operators worldwide who participate directly in the Zoom sessions or with video links of the presentation and related documentation sent out after each session. July 6, Beginners VHF-Getting Started
   Go their web site to see all  the programs that are available... 

73… Stay Radio Active

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Radio Happenings June 20, 2022..


June 21st – CQ Tuesday (1st day of summer)

June 25-26 – Field Day

July 9th – Hamfest at Oak Creek     South Milwaukee Swapfest 2022!          Date: Saturday July 9, 2022  7:00 am to 3:30 pm --Sellers can enter at 6:00 am…$5.00 per person at the gate--American Legion Post 434 --9327 S Sheppard Ave, Oak Creek Wi   -Talk-in Frequency 146.910   127.3PL    -offset

   Sunshine Swapfest
   Thanks to the Fox Cities Amateur Radio Club for hosting the Swapfest on Sat. June 18th. Beautiful day for the trunk sales event. Cool, dry and sunny. I was there to continue to sell the new radios and the associated accessories. With Hwy 55 and JJ being somewhat closed for the construction of a “roundabout”, getting there was a challenge… I  think a number of attendees gave up trying . The numbers were down from some other events in the past.  Four of our Club members were there selling items… 

   Stormy Weather - Skywarn
 Yes, there was a storm! It is always amazing to me how the weather can just pick out parts of a community to disrupt. 
As we know, it really hit the Velp Ave. area, but also some other isolated spots as well. My neighborhood just showed signs of small branches and leaves…except in my front yard where we had an eight inch diameter branch, fourteen feet long, break off the city tree in my front yard.. just missed my OSF dipole that is tied to it. I did not know about it until after the Skywarn net I was running was over.
  This leads me to have to inject something about the net.. Thank you all for picking up the microphone and giving your reports.. the reports went to the NWS and the Emergency Operations Center in Brown County. Thanks KD9HJJ for being Liaison..  A couple of suggestions…
1. Stay calm.. excitement in your voice increases the excitement of those listening which is not desired.    
Use proper radio etiquette  If you     call out your call sign, wait until the Net Control Operator recognizes you by calling you back. He has a few things going on.. perhaps passing prior information to a Liaison for reporting to served agencies and/or trying to fill a log… Ideally, there would be someone else logging
2. Locations… try to give a nearest cross street.. exact house number is not necessary – big trees or smoke will help find the spot.
3. Size of the tree or branch… Diameter helps give an indication of the wind speed.
4. Periodically, the Net Control will state what information is being sought…. If looking for half inch hail.. no need to say you have pea size… or looking for winds over 30 mph.. give examples of branch size broken off… if there are not any broken, the wind is not strong enough to report. (It is different if the whole tree falls over)  hi
5. Listen… someone else may have given the report you want to give.

“listen to hear what is said, not listen to hear what you should talk about. ”  

  Field Day 
Field Day is a picnic, a campout, practice for emergencies, an informal contest and, most of all, FUN! It is a time where many aspects of Amateur Radio come together to highlight our many roles. While some will treat it as a contest, other groups use the opportunity to practice their emergency response capabilities. It is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate Amateur Radio to the organizations that Amateur Radio might serve in an emergency, as well as the general public.
  Transmitting begins 1800 UTC Saturday June 25th and ending at 2059 UTC Sunday June 26, .
   Where: Pine Tree Park, Hobart. Located on Pine Tree Road, next to the West edge of the Airport. 
 Start off with a breakfast meeting at 9am (1400 UTC) via the Oak Street Café West De Pere. 
    There will be a Field Day information note as page three of this Newsletter. 

Copied here.... 


Thanks to Robert, KA9BXG for arranging the Pine Tree Park for our Field Day event again this year. It is located on Pine Tree Road, on the West side of the Airport. There is a rotary (roundabout) by the Hobart Village Hall off of Hwy 172 .. There are road signs – take the road going South.. the park will be next to the Fire Station. 
The scenario for Field Day:  We gather at the Oak Street Café in West De Pere  .0900 That is two streets North of the Festival Foods grocery store. 9am discussing what we do when we go to the park.
 Presently the Sat. forecast is for 85 F with a 40% chance of rain in the evening. Low temp at 66 F. Sunday high predicted at 77 F low of 55F . 
  Be sure to dress for the weather and have some insect repellant handy and a light for at night.
 As of now, we have three dipoles for antennas. What we have seen is that the radios that have internal antenna tuners can easily tune in the HF freq. 
 A couple of years ago one of our great members brought a multi band vertical with radials and mounted it on the baseball fence and it did a great job and it will be back again this year.   If you have an antenna you want to try, please bring it along to set up… 
If you have a complete radio station and want to set it up.. please feel free to do so. Especially a headset..
  Have coax? Bring it along.. mark it so it does not get mixed up with others.. 
 I hope to see at least one antenna running North and South. We have not really had this in the past and may have missed out on some of the Western states.  Got a potato launcher to send up a line for a rope to pull up antennas? Bring it or a slingshot.. 
  Now we get our laptops talking to each other and the Cat5 wires… the generator is providing the power for the radios..  the coax is connected to the radios.. we should be making contacts.. 
  We want to be able to copy the ARRL bulletin … send a message to our ARRL State rep..
  Now we are ready for our  6 PM Potluck dinner at 6pm.. the Club is furnishing brats and soda . The rest is a dish to pass for those coming for this event. (I’ll bring potato salad) 
Tech licensed operators are encouraged to come to this event and operate the radios with an General or Extra class operator.. we are always looking to help upgrade … 
 I am planning to be available overnight at the site. Feel free to come anytime.. the radio is waiting for you …

  Yes, you can operate Phone,CW and Digital if you want… if you have a headset it would be appreciated.. if you are going to operate digital, be sure your computer is programmed for the mode… the logging laptops may not have the programs you are looking to use.

 We are looking for someone to be a Safety Officer for the event.. there is a check off sheet for reference …