Monday, May 24, 2021

Field Day is Coming

 Yes, that time of year again.  Field Day is approaching.  .

So I hope  you have made plans to take your radio out of the moth balls and
 dust it off .. This is a great time to be together with your fellow
 Ham operators.. See how the operation goes .. and show what you 
can do.. or get help if you need some.   You will not have a problem
 with picking up a microphone and getting a few calls under your belt
 or should I say in your log. 

It would be nice if you come out and operate... if not, consider logging. 

 Been watching the propagation readings and they have been up and 
down but always see a little improvement each week. 
 A group met at the park and did some planning.. It looks as if we
 will operate as a 3A station.. Up to three stations that can operate at the same time ..

 Using emergency power (Generator) Can operate any mode. You may want to 
bring a tuner for some bands. If you bring your own radio (which you are encouraged
to do so) be sure to bring a power supply. Operating later in the day? Bring some 
light.  we can plug in lights.  with lights come bugs.. be prepared. 

 We are trying to have electronic logging.. that is- some laptops as in 
the past.    

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