Sunday, March 21, 2021


Fund Raisers -- Brat Barns -As you know, we did not have any fund raising last year. But the expenses came in anyway. The first date for this year's Brat Barns is May 8th at Festival DePere. -- We need your help.. just spare an hour or two.. hours are from 9:30AM to 5PM.. This will help keep the dues low and the equipment up and running.  

To make sure we have enough help, PLEASE contact Keith KS9WI, at or give him a call (920) 619-3394 


Looking to get tested for your Tech License or perhaps to upgrade to the next level or even two? Give KS9WI, Keith a call @ (920) 619-3394 or and make arrangements ..

A Testing Session is being scheduled for May 22nd. A location for the session is to be announced in April. Stay tuned !!

Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Thanks to Matt, KC9UHI, there is a VHF Winlink Node in Green Bay. This is great for those that use the Winlink System. With the propagation just coming back, connecting to the system via HF has been hit and miss. I have been using the VHF node in Appleton area this past Winter but using high power on the radio. This new node is really a saver.. node name kc9uhi-10 Frequency is 145.030.. If you have Winlink already - here is a great video on how to get on the VHF mode.