Monday, February 22, 2021

Did You Know ?

Did you know that the Mike & Key Club is an affiliated club with the Amateur Radio Relay League? (ARRL)
Did you know that dues are due within the first quarter of the year to stay as an active member and not removed from the list? Still $20.
Did you know that the Happenings newsletter is sent to more than 130 individuals.. not all belong to the M&K Club and some not licensed operators.
Did you know that Over the past year the Technician class has increased at an average rate of 18/day.
Did you know The Novice class has decreased at an average rate of 2/day.
Did you know the General class has increased at an average rate of 5/day.
Did you know The Advanced class has decreased at an average rate of 6/day.
Did you know The Extra class has increased at an average rate of 6/day.

Tech Talk

>Do you have a “Show and Tell” of a project you may want to share – or give a short talk about setting up a “shack” --- or operating safely, grounding (what to ground and what not to) What does a lightning arrestor do and how to tell if it is good. How about how to solder connectors onto coax, is that better or worse than crimp on type (some debate on that one) Antenna switches.. your take on which ones work - which ones need work… Can you use it for having one antenna and multiple radios.. is there going to be feedback into the output of the other radios? Even if they are turned off ..? These are some example of what can be presented during that short time of Tech Talk that takes place before the meetings the second Thursday of the month.. (sometimes on Zoom) Have something? Contact Dave, KD9HJJ at :

Newly Licensed Hams

Newly Licensed Hams often wonder “Now what?” You can discover all that you can do in Ham Radio. There is a section of the ARRL that has an online magazine called “On the Air Magazine”. Accessible also on Facebook, and there is a blog or podcasts.. See (or a local Ham and don’t be afraid to ask for help)

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Wisconsin QSO Party

March 14, 2021 - Wisconsin QSO Party Yes, Daylight Saving Time begins also.. 1800Z to 0100Z 1:00PM CDT to 8:00PM CDT Sunday, March 14- for rules, go to the site. So start planning now.. get a buddy or make a buddy by showing a Tech more about Ham Radio. Make sure your logging software is up to date.

Another offering separate from the WARAC, You can be a winner if you are a paid up member of the M&K Club and send in a copy of your QSO party submission and have logged the most counties in the State to "" .. With some of the band conditions, 15 might be a winner.. There are 72 counties in Wisconsin..
10 Meter ContestThe contest has begun on the first of the month of February How many contacts have you made? I have some.. been hanging in the Tech Area around 4PM until the call for supper. The rules can be found on this site on the right side under the January posts or on the Club Facebook page. This is a Club Member Contest…
February 11th, Mike & Key Club Meeting. 6:30-7.. Tech Talk 7PM to 8PMish Meeting.. The Agenda and the Minutes of the previous meeting are attached to bottom of the email that was sent out. Please take part in the meeting. . there are some important events and their dates that need some input.. Zoom meeting info was sent via email.
February 10th Siren Test NetThe list of sirens in the County is attached to the monthly email. If interested in receiving the list to join the net. Contact the email below. Pick a location, go there, check in with the Net Control, between 11:45 and Noon on the 147.120 repeater. Then at Noon, report hearing the siren (or not) and if it is the type that has moving parts, if they moved.. Besides the second Wednesday, you can go out each Wednesday and monitor the siren, but report via email to