Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Green Bay Mike & Key Club - 75 years old

For anyone who hasn't heard, the Mike & Key club celebrates 75 years this year.  Steve, KB9MWR is working on documenting the area ham radio history. You can view a draft here:

Your contributions are welcome and appreciated, as it is a collective effort to retrace the past.

Saturday March 14th will be the annual banquet.  Please get your nominations for ham of the year to John, W0LFE before that.  The banquet will be held at the Woods.  Since it's our 75th year, please help spread the word to some of the older members who might not be as active, as it would be nice to see them at the banquet.  The club (like last year) will pick up part of the cost for the meal for members.  So the cost will be $5.00 for members and $14.00 for non-members.  Please RSVP to Pat, WA9RFT.