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CALENDAR AUG. 9th to AUG.31st. ,2023

AUGUST 9TH:  Siren Test Net. Check latest siren list attached.

AUGUST 10TH :  GB Mike & Key Club Meeting, St Norbert College, G& M Science Building 4th Floor     

AUGUST 10TH:  Winlink Thursday : Then pick on “Winlink Thursdays”


GBM&K Meeting: If there is a Tech Talk, it would be before the meeting.. Meeting time is 7PM. Enter from the Chapel side, turn left watch for the elevator on the right. go to 4th floor.

Join Meeting with Zoom (give a little time for host to connect)
Meeting ID: 985 2084 1730
Passcode: 240648
One tap mobile Find your local

 Winlink Thursday: EMCOMM-training is a group that provides training to pass messages.  Using Winlink, they show how to manipulate the forms that are within the Winlink program as well as how to send them out and receive replies. Presently, it is a once a month program. There is no cost. Messages can be sent via Telnet, HF Radio or even VHF radio. Very similar to Packet but at a higher level..

CQ Tuesday:  On the third Tuesday of the month, around 11:30 Ham radio operators and those interested, meet at the Bay Family Restaurant on the corner of Military and 9th Street for a lunch and chat.. all welcome..

Other items of interest:

From Steve, KB9MWR 

If you have old ham radio materials there is now a fast track way to
donate them to a global library.  See the links below:
I have mailed them boxes of local SK's collections in the past and
normally it takes a few years before they get time and spare resources
to digitize such things.

I am working with them to get those out of their storage queue and
move them to the front of the line
Either reach out to me, or arrange to leave them at Tower Electronics and I'll get them from there.

Lighthouse Weekend Aug 5-7
  The gate was open to us as we arrived at 8AM to the GB Yachting Club.  A 40 thru 6mtr OCF dipole was placed between the two Range Lights.      In case someone else would show up with a radio and wanted to join in, a 80 thru 6mtr OCF dipole was raised from atop  the South Light  and sloped toward the East.  There did not seem to be anyone on 40 or 20 meters.. switched over to the longer antenna, but was rejected on all bands by the radio. Took that antenna down and put up a different 80- 6mtr OCF dipole.. but had the same problem … went back to the 40+ antenna and began to make contacts.
 While putting things away when we closed down, Wes found that the connector between the two coax cables was only connected on one side..
Of course, that was on me. But we made contacts and met a bunch of visitors as they came to view the Lights. Once again, Wayne Dunbar and the rest of the Light Keepers were very hospitable and big THANK You to them.
  The OCF dipoles were checked again the next day because we planned on using them at the Kewaunee Pierhead Lighthouse  on the 7th.
        Which we did…… Monday the 7th was a beautiful day.. Mike, W9MWP and I headed out to Kewaunee and upon arriving , met up with Heather, one of the Lighthouse Keepers. She went out and opened the Lighthouse while we took out  the items from the trailer to use for the event.  While walking out the 1,280 feet of pier, Jim, one of the other volunteers and the lead person that was contacted by Walt, KE9WTT to arrange to operate from this Lighthouse, came up by bicycle.  The bike was the way to go if you were making a number of trips to the site. He lent a hand and carried up some of our load.

  The crew was very hospitable and helped us set up. The plan was to throw down a rope from the light, then tie on one end of the antenna, stretch it out and tie it to one on the ship tie on’s that are in the middle of the pier… so we had a  sloping to the West. Our desk was right at the front door… a super view..  After a few contacts on 14.263, one check in told us that a net would be starting on .262, so we QSY’d and did not take long for Mike to start drawing them in.  You can see the video at the Friends of the Kewaunee Pierhead Lighthouse web site, or the club Facebook page.

  It was a fun time with all the visitors that came in and the interaction with the volunteers… Did I forget to mention the beautiful day, The breeze off the lake, the quietness, and the low humidity (which was envied by the Southern states we talked to.. ) 

IF you have a item of interest such as a new piece of equipment, software, gadget, or power supply  that you want to let operators know about, send it to the editor of this newsletter. Then it will be shared to those on the list.. LIKE;;;

How about the “Digirig” .. Want a link between the radio and your computer..? Want to spend less than $100 ?  Nice and smaller than the Signalink?   Not going to say any more about it…  look for it on line… the manufacturer has the lesser price (at least it was last week…) 
Be sure to check out the items that were attached to the same email this came on …
Stay Radio Active…. 

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