Saturday, July 29, 2023


CALENDAR: July 22 to August 16 July 22nd,2023

JULY 29TH: Brat Barn at the De Pere Festival, Main Street on the West Side.

AUGUST 5TH:  Special Event Station, Lighthouses On The Air. Grassy Island Range Lights , 100 Bay Beach Road at the GB Yachting Club.

AUGUST 7TH:  Special Event Station, Lighthouses On The Air, Kewaunee Pier Head Lighthouse, located at the far East End of Highway 29 at the Lake.

AUGUST 9TH:  Siren Test Net. Check latest siren list attached.

AUGUST 10TH :  GB Mike & Key Club Meeting, St Norbert College, G& M Science Building 4th Floor.

AUGUST 10TH:  Winlink Thursday : Then pick on “Winlink Thursdays”

AUGUST 15TH:  CQ  Tuesday, 11:30 – Bay Family Restaurant. 


 Brat Barn Chairperson: Keith, KS9WI, If you can help, need most folks in the morning and lunch time. Scheduled 9 to 5. Please consider purchasing some brats and/or burgers.

  Lighthouses On The Air : Chairperson Dave, N8KQS, Operating 0900 to Noon. Setting up at 0815, bring a chair, need at least 4 persons, everyone will get a chance to operate… Green Bay could have two stations (please bring the second radio / pwr supply)   Kewaunee could carpool… (

 Look for us on 20 and 40 meters xx.270

GBM&K Meeting: If there is a Tech Talk, it would be before the meeting.. Meeting time is 7PM. Enter from the Chapel side, turn left watch for the elevator on the right. go to 4th floor.

Winlink Thursday: EMCOMM-training is a group that provides training to pass messages.  Using Winlink, they show how to manipulate the forms that are within the Winlink program as well as how to send them out and receive replies. Presently, it is a once a month program. There is no cost. Messages can be sent via Telnet, HF Radio or even VHF radio. Very similar to Packet but at a higher level..

CQ Tuesday:  On the third Tuesday of the month, around 11:30 Ham radio operators and those interested, meet at the Bay Family Restaurant on the corner of Military and 9th Street for a lunch and chat.. all welcome..

Other items of interest:

  On July 20th,  Gene AB9GK, and Dave N8KQS, went to the “Shack” at St. Norbert and checked the DX3000 and the peripheral equipment to see how the settings are for possible use as a Special Event station.  The Antenna Switch worked well as well as the SWR/Power meter. Had a learning curve for setting the power levels. There was a menu adjustment to keep the CW setting from coming on with the SSB mode… this had kept the power output setting from showing up on the front of the radio. Had to set the mic gain down a little… the microphone is quite sensitive..  The auto turner worked well on 20 and 40 meters.. (did not try any others – there is not a 75 meter coil on the antenna)   

   It looks as if the radio is set for phone operation … give it a try…. 

IF you have a item of interest such as a new piece of equipment, software, gadget, or power supply  that you want to let operators know about, send it to the editor of this newsletter. Then it will be shared to those on the list..

 Stay Radio Active

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