Monday, April 4, 2022

Radio Happenings 4-3-22


Radio Happenings

April 3, 2022..

April 5th.. Voting
April 7th.. 1:45 pm Storm Week net (check in please)
April 9th …Brat Barn at De Pere Festival.
April 13th.. Siren Test Net
April 14th.. M&K Club Meeting..

Brat Barn Fund Raiser
Our first fund raiser is the Brat Barn at the Festival Foods on the West side of DePere on Saturday, April 9th. On the South side of Main Street. We have some slots filled already, but we are in need of at least two more for the 9AM shift.. If you can help, please contact Keith at 920-619-3394 or
Another way of helping, is to come to the Barn and purchase a brat or burger or even both.. open ‘til 5

April 4 - 8 Storm / Tornado Awareness Week
Be sure to take some time this week to discuss the possibility of a storm with your family. Where to go, what to do, how to stay in communication with each other. You may want to check to see if your flashlight batteries are still good or have turned to acid and wrecked the flashlights..

Put away outdoor equipment that might blow around and break windows or other things..

Thursday April 7th There will be a Storm Net starting around 1:30pm on the 147.120 repeater.. with it ending with the sounding of the county sirens (if they decide to sound them- if there is a real storm in the area, they may not be activated. Please check in. Our county has had great response from the Ham Community in the past.. The results of the net will be sent to the Emergency Management Dept.

Do you have rotator for an antenna for sale/barter? Not sure if they are in need for the controller as well.. but you can contact : K9STN, Stan at

Mike & Key Club Hamfest June 4th.. 
Plans continue to be grafted into a working model for the “swap”. Diagrams, sketches and numbers are put into Excel sheets and Google maps to lay out a flow of traffic. A lot of things to consider-- table layout, food, parking, Flyers, tickets, setting up and taking down etc…

The biggest factor -the people resource. Not the customers – but the volunteers to make this happen. If all those that raised their hand and voted for this event, volunteered.. no problem… Please plan now to volunteer for this… Thanks in advance.. Volunteer sign up will come out when positions are determined.

    Over the last couple of weeks, we have been receiving calls from Operators that have been moving into our area and looking at joining the local Radio Club. They have said that they have heard good things and hope to be a part of it.. We may see them at the next meeting…

After the last couple of events some items have turned up missing.. If anyone knows of the whereabouts of 1. A Beofang U5r radio missing since the Club Christmas party or 2. The rolls of tickets from the Club Banquet – please let a member of the Club Board know.

A few changes in the Club website.. a list of the Officers of the Club.. It has been updated. It helps for when people are looking to ask questions about the M&K Club. ( 

Just in… 
The Cellcom Marathon is on again this year!! They are looking for 10 radio operators on May 15th from 6AM to 2PM.. could be shorter depending where on the route you’re on. When signing up, pick on the job square and pick “Medical Communications- Amateur Radio” Here is the link to sign up.. Cellcom Marathon Radio Operator  There is a short training a couple of days before the event and a party a week later.. see you there.. 

Looks like good weather for the Brat Barn next weekend.. stop by.. have one or two and bring some home for supper… or lend a hand for a while and meet some of your fellows and ladies.. 

That’s it for this email/ Newsletter.… Stay RadioActive.

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