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CALENDAR* January 25th to February 20th , 2024 
January 27th &28th .. Winter Field Day Assoc. 
February 08th – M&K Club Meeting . +Tech Talk
 February 14th – Siren Test Net .. 
February 15th – ARES Meeting
 February 20th - CQ Tuesday

Changing World – As an “Ol’ Timer”, I have begun to join the chorus of “ does this have to change too?” Of course a lot of the changes are to the better. For instance, the electronic devices we use and some of the health related “cures”. Some of the hard things to accept are the price of things and that 30 year olds look like 19 year olds. Plus when walking, it seems uphill going in both directions.

** Talking about change … We just found out that the location we had planned on going to for Field Day (June 22-23rd) … has been preempted by another group. So, if you have good information on a location that the Club can set up at, please let the Committee know.. Please send your suggestions to: Wes Michael and or Gene Radke – As soon as possible -- it needs space for antennas, be able to operate overnight, have lavatory facilities (portable works), be sheltered from the weather, accommodate our elder members.

* While we are talking about dates to add to the radio calendar, prior to Field Day, our Third Annual Hamfest will be on June 1st.. at the same location. Hope you can spare some time again this year to assist..

* It seems as if the calendar is working backwards… In Mid April, a Ham Cram is being scheduled… this is at the Tech level. As always, at the end of the Cram, the VE’s will be testing all levels .. So if you are ready to upgrade, this may be the opportunity.. and have time to study…

**March is busy with the Wisconsin QSO Party on March 10th .(First day of Daylight Saving Time). . Just calling CQ and seeing how many of the 72 counties you can contact…(other contacts count also) Fun event even if you operate from home. for about 7 hours .Be sure to fill in the GBM&K Club as your club. .. Invite a Tech Level to operate with you and they will see the advantage of upgrading.. Or… Tech ask a General or Extra if you can participate with them. 
***Also in March, is the Club Awards Banquet… So time to think about nominations for Ham Of The Year 2023.. There a number of people who have worked in the background to help make the events successful. Some stand out … but we should acknowledge the diligent worker.. Suddenly two names come up.. hmm.. The date and location have not been solidified yet, but as soon as it is, you will see it in your inbox..

*** While your thinking cap is on, please let a Board Member know of any Silent Key that occurred during this past year.. We normally update the memorial plaque at this time. 

*** Just in… A Special Event is being planned for near this (March – April time frame.. Stay Tuned…. 
** As we look at emergency communications, consider other means of communications.. like FRS or GMS… Did you know that some of the frequencies are the same.. just have to turn down the power to meet the rules.. Can be programmed into a UV5R and other radios...

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