Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Radio Happenings November 13th, 2022..

November 15th – CQ Tuesday
November 24th – Thanksgiving 
December 8th – Club Christmas Party

The Club meeting held on Thursday, November 10th did not have connections on Zoom. The venue’s coverage did not reach the room we were in.
  The election of members of the 2023 Board was successful. The new Board consists of Paul KBØP, Bill KB3KYH, Robert KA9BXG, John WØLFE, Dave KD9HJJ.
 They will be meeting soon to choose the Officer positions. They will be taking office at the beginning of 2023.

  After discussion about the proposed ByLaw change,  a vote was taken with the majority in favor of accepting the changes. Basically, it was to reduce the number of Board members from seven to five and to remove the duties of the Members at Large.  You will be able to see the new ByLaw changes on the web site in a few days.

The Shack:
  You may or may not have heard  that there has been some problem with operation at the shack. First indication was that there was water found in the coax near the 4BTV antenna. When trying to transmit on the new DX3000, it would trip out.    Three volunteers took the line apart and replaced the corroded barrel connector, took down the antenna, took it apart, cleaned and put conductive lube on the pipe pieces, put on a new capacitance hat and an coax adaptor to replace the screw connection. Reinstalled the antenna on the roof. 
 A few days later, tried the radio and it would trip out again. Tried a different radio and it tuned right in. Actually, made a contact to 4U1A.. United Nations in Austria.. 
 While at the HamCram, some members tried the DX3000 again and it still tripped. It was noted that when the output was reduced to 5Watts, it tuned. The meter on the Astron Power Supply was steady when transmitting. Was it the power supply?  Switched to the other supply and everything began to work !! The first supply was a current limiting supply and was set low, there by- when trying to transmit, drew more amps than what the supply was set to. Tripping the supply rather than the radio .. but it appeared that the radio had tripped because there wasn’t any power. 
Also found that the “pot”s needed a little wiping to clean them up.. 
   Is it working? Look at the photo… FT8 … 

These are the contacts made via FT8 from the Shack at St Norbert on 11/12… 

 Rick W9OBB, was the facilitator for the HamCram. There was a nice size class with the youngest at 11 years old. The results of the testing showed 10 new Techs – 1 General and 1Extra Congrats

 Our Treasurer reminded us that we should be paying the dues prior to the first of the year. If you do not pay, you will be removed from the roster in March..  
. You can pay with credit card by picking on the PayPal logo from the website or mail your check to Mike & Key Club, P.O.Box 13351, Green Bay, WI 54307

Thinking ahead..
 The Green Bay Mike and Key Club's annual Christmas party will be held Thursday December 8th starting at 5 p.m. at the American Legion, 1708 N. Irwin St, Green Bay. This will be a catered meal from Julies, Chicken and Beef Tips with a $10.00 cost to all attendees. Bring your own alcohol beverage of choice, Soda and water will be provided by the club. A white elephant gift exchange will occur. Bring one, get one. R.S.V.P. by December 1st to WØLFE by radio, text to 920-606-4692 or email WØLFE@ sbcglobal.net.   

Saw a nice new logging program  Log40M.. really loaded with information..


Stay Radio Active

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Radio Happenings November 6th, 2022..

 Good Evening..   Here it is - Sunday afternoon.  Recently returned from the Hamfest in Kaukauna...   Nice turnout.. they had some nice door prizes which some of our Club members won... in fact, one won twice!!   ..  Congratulations!  Saw a lot of familiar faces and callsigns, which is why these are more of a social event..   There were some on the selling side of the tables as well.. I was still selling off some of the Baofeng radios and accessories. The pile got smaller.. The funds collected are earmarked for the Club Treasury.  There are some headphones available as well with microphones... 
  The Happenings does not have much news, but more of reminders of the importance of the upcoming meeting with the election of Board Members ( should not have said "election" ... is it me or is everyone getting tired of the barrage ?) but leadership is important for all groups. You will see the present slate of nominations in the Minutes of the Last Meeting... More nominations can still be added to the list but please be sure the person you are nominating is willing to accept the nomination and the position.  A big thank you goes out to our present Board who has served us well over the past year ...   
    According to the ByLaws, you are able to vote by proxy.. If you know someone that is going to the meeting, send them an email or letter, allowing them to vote for you. They may need to present the letter of proxy to get to vote for you..  (sort of like an Absentee ballot)   Please do not vote for me as I will be removing my nomination.  I am busy enough with the newsletter and the webpage.  I have served in the past and need to pass the baton on..  but willing to assist where needed .. 
      Last month we found that the WIFI at the meeting location may not reach into the area where the Club meeting is being held.  So if you cannot link into the Zoom. that is why..... 
        I hope that if you know someone that is looking to upgrade and does not know of the testing taking place on the 12th, you let them know that testing for all levels will take place at 3 PM after the HamCram at St. N...  

   Radio Happenings  November 6th, 2022..
November 9th – Siren Test Net
November 10th – Mike&Key Club Meeting
November 12th- HAM CRAM.. VE TESTING
November 15th – CQ Tuesday
November 24th – Thanksgiving 
December 8th – Club Christmas Party

Club Meetings:***
  For the November meeting, the meetings will be 7PM and held on the second floor of The Brick House. 500 Grant Street, W.De Pere. (Elevator) This meeting is a very important one with the nominations and election of those to be on the next year’s Executive Board. This is the second of the nominations. Be sure to read the minutes of the last meeting to catch up on who was nominated and what else may come up for discussion..
      This is the November Annual Corporation Meeting. Any proposed  ByLaw changes will be voted on also.  
    One of the proposed ByLaw changes could change the number of Board Members.

Zoom Links: 
gbmk club is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 985 2084 1730
Passcode: 240648
Find your local phone number: https://zoom.us/u/atfy36sxq
Just be aware that the WIFI at the November meeting location may not reach to where the meeting is.. but save this link for the rest of the year’s meetings. The date of the Christmas Party is the normal meeting date, so there will not be a meeting that month. 

  Also, save this link!! It will be the same for each meeting in 2023 !!

***Continue your membership … go to the K9EAM.ORG web site… fill out a membership form.. you can find the link on the righthand side of the site .. dues are due now until December to stay as not delinquent  . You can pay with credit card by picking on the PayPal logo from the website or mail your check to Mike & Key Club, P.O.Box 13351, Green Bay, WI 54307

      Things  that we have historically scheduled:
November : Annual Meeting – Elect Board Members   
December: Christmas Party – Officers positions chosen.
Winter Field Day..
January:  Set up chairpersons for : 1.Wis. QSO party. 2. Banquet 3. 
Hamfest. 4. Brat Barn. 4. Field Day.    5. Picnic.  
If we do not have a chairperson, it will not happen.. ! Are you able to help? 
December 8th: Annual Christmas Party at the American Legion Post – So far, this will be a Pot Luck dinner (Dish to pass) event. The White Elephant gift exchange – bring one-get one. (more information later)