Friday, March 22, 2024

Radio Happenings 3.22.24


  Our little stick man is really active today... But then again, so is  the Green Bay Mike & Key Club... As a member, you can and should be too... !!  Many of us have studied long and hard to achieve the FCC license and we had a goal to why we did... Many, be able to operate the radio during events to support our community. This is a great goal!! But we must stay active to be good at it. Take advantage of the opportunity to get on the air... even if it is not our own equipment... being with someone that has the radio is willing to have you operate.. As you have read the schedule in each of our newsletters or on the Website, you will see the chances to be active..  

   You have questions on where and when, don't be afraid to ask...or some question about a certain radio and how to work with rig control.. As a club, we join together to help and to get help.. as Red Green said "We're all in this together"

   Before we look ahead, let's see what has happened recently:
   Club meeting:// Once again there was a full house with more new folks joining in.. The reports of the committees showed we are on the fast track for the Ham Cram, Special Event, the Brat Barns, Field Day, The Marathon - Check our schedule for the times and dates .... 
    Wisconsin QSO Party:: Wes Michael and Dave Catalano activated the Club Shack at St. Norbert.. Everything worked well ... The last hour the pipeline opened up and had a hard time keeping up the log.. It was fun.. If you never had that experience yet.. you will really enjoy it.. If you are at Tech.. please take the opportunity to get on HF at one of the club events... ..

    Banquet :: We had a lot of fun at the banquet! The food was delicious, the service was great, and there were plenty of door prizes. The highlight of the evening was honoring several members who were nominated for The Ham of The Year award. Wes, W9WES; Keith,KS9WI; and Gene, AB9GK as well as the Ham of The Year winner, Larry, K9IQ. We also honored Dave, N8KQS for his outstanding work on the club newsletter. All of the members who were recognized have made significant contributions to our club. In particular Larry was singled out for his excellence in upgrading the Club Hamshack, his work as Field Day Safety Officer, and his sincere willingness to assist other Amateurs. Be sure to congratulate these gentlemen at your next opportunity.
         It was a pleasure to honor our past president Paul, KB0P at the March meeting. As most of you know, Paul served as our leader for two terms. His energetic willingness and drive were critical factors in the great success of our Hamfests, Field Days, social events, Brat Barns, and monthly meetings. Paul’s style and easy-going manner increased member enthusiasm and contributed to the overall growth of our club.
    We had a very interesting Tech Talk at our March meeting. Mike, WD9EGE explained the procedures and the equipment associated with operating on 23cm, 10GHz, and above. A came away knowing there at the conclusion of his demonstration, show-and-tell, and informative briefing, I’s a lot more to it than we experience on 2-meters. Good show Mike!
The next club meeting is April 11 and our Tech Talk will be presented by Todd, W9GRB. His topic will be Winlink. Don’t miss it!
Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about our club.
      73   Bill KB3KYH   (302) 537-4755

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Radio Happenings Brier additional 3.12.24

  Nice start to the week with 60 degree weather today. A good chance to search the yard for the missing parts of your yagi antenna.. 
   For the latest GB M&K newsletter, look at the Club's site.. Otherwise you will find attached additional information .. Minutes of the last meeting, Financial report, the March Ground Wave newsletter, Siren Test list. 

    Schedule: March 13th Siren Test Net 11:45
                     March 14th 6;30 TECH TALK W/Mike WD9EGE
                     March 14th 7 PM GB M&K Meeting
                     March 16th  Club Awards Banquet at Village Grille.. Hoffman Road 
                     March 19th CQ Tuesday lunch at Bay Family Restaurant (First day of Spring...) 

          Did you participate in the Wisconsin QSO Party?   Conditions were very good on some bands ...

    Stay Radio active .. 

Friday, March 8, 2024


This is the coming year's Zoom Meeting information... 

 Meeting Zoom participation: 
 Here is  the contact information..  (give a little time for host to connect) 
 Starting Nov 9, 2023 18:30
Meeting ID:  929 1732 9214
Passcode: 701064
One tap mobile phone number:

Radio Happenings 3.5.2024


 Looking to be more involved with Club Events and meeting fellow Radio Operators? Just like the leaves on the bushes, it is about to begin to flourish.. 

   Some of the events are explained in the Letter from the GBMK President you will see below. Be sure to read it and mark the calendar and sign up.
    Here is one... The CellCom Marathon (May 19th) has finally opened the Volunteer sign up.  Go to :   Pick on Medical Communications, then find the spot that has (Amateur Radio Operators) and volunteer.. A good time and doing community service... reporting medical needs of the runners... 8 more needed at this time...
  Don't Forget.. Sunday, March 10th, Clocks Ahead one hour.

  A Letter from the GBMK President:; Bill, KB3KYH.
The March meeting is a few days away…Thursday, March 14. Get there at 6:30 so you can see the Tech Talk presentation by Mike, KD9EGE. He’ll be talking about operations on the bands about 2-meters. This will be very interesting.
During the meeting we’ll bring you up to date on the Banquet, which is set for Saturday, March 16 at the Village Grille. The social hour begins at 5:00 and dinner is at 6:00. To sign up, please do so by contacting Dave, KD9HJJ at (262) 510-3376 or Tickets are only $12 each and you can pay at the door. We sure hope you will join us for an evening of fun and good eating.  
  Thanks to Keith, KS9WI, we now have the dates for our 2024 Brat Barns:
Saturday April 20th Green Bay, East
Saturday June 15th De Pere
Saturday July 13th Green Bay, East
We’ll talk about these important fun and fund-raising events at the club meetings. Remember, we can’t do it without your help.
Each month we look forward to interesting Ham Radio-related “Tech Talks” prior to our meetings. (We’ve got another good one for March.) The talks can be about anything that would be interesting to our members. Electronics, communications, weather, home-brew projects, noise abatement, antenna projects, emergency communications, contesting…you get the idea. Please consider sharing your experience and knowledge with us by giving a “Tech Talk”. Let me know if you’re interested.
The Wisconsin QSO Party is Sunday March 10 from 1:00 to 8:00 pm CDST. This is a great opportunity to get on the air and try your hand at contesting. The stated objective is, “Everyone works Wisconsin. Wisconsin works everyone. Everyone has fun!” Get all the details at 
As always, please contact me with any questions or suggestions about our club.
(302) 537-4755
  (NOTE) WI QSO Party -Sunday 10th...A couple of club members will be operating from the "shack" at the College.. Drop by and operate for a while  or kibitz  .. If the outer doors are locked, call on the .120 1PM to 8PM...