Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2014 Officers

President: Dave, N8KQ
Vice-President: Roy, N9ARM
Treasurer: John, W0LFE
Secretary: Nick, KB9UAE
At Large: Scott KB9AMM , Bob KB8ZXE , Dana N9UGM

Sunday, December 8, 2013

2014 Cellcom Marathon Volunteers

Dennis, KC9OIS says planning for the 2014 Cellcom Marathon has begun.

He suggests checking the Cellcom Marathon-ARES website at least once a month. He notes he will will be updating information that affects Amateur Radio volunteers specifically. THIS WILL BE THE PRIMARY MEANS OF COMMUNICATING WITH AMATEUR RADIO VOLUNTEERS!

We are looking for 40-50 or more volunteers for 2014, so pass the word. IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING, HAVE THEM JOIN Cellcom Marathon-ARES website GROUP.


I am looking to set up a 3 or 4 man committee to help organize the event. One person to work out changes to details on communications issues (repeaters vs med tents) and previous issues with NET Control Communications.

One person to manage assignments & last minute changes. One person to lead / manage Net control operations in my absence.

I am becoming more involved at the organization and logistics levels and will be shadowing Tom Krahn during the event. If you are interested send me an email.

Many of the meetings are once a month at 7:00am on Tuesday or noon on Wednesday or Thurday in Green Bay, but are not a requirement to attend. I will make all of the meetings if I get the reports and updates a day or two before the meetings. As soon as I get the calendar I will pass it on.

Dennis Carr
Volunteer Amateur Radio Communications Coordinator
Cellcom Green Bay Marathon - 2014
(920) 621-3259 Cellphone

IRLP restored December 8th, 2013

Internet has been restored to the hill which brings the IRLP on 444.775 back on-line.  Our existing link to St. Norbert's had to be removed in early November for their remodeling project.  The new link is using the same equipment as before but is now at a club members home.  It is a 4.8 mile hop on 2.4Ghz.  The signal appears fine, however we need to watch it over the next week to make sure that it is stable.


Greetings Everyone -

Matt, KC9UHI has started up a message board as a central location for discussion of various digital technologies in amateur radio. It seems as many people in the area are beginning to get more involved with HSMM, P25, APRS, etc. and working on implementing the technology for use. Unfortunately, most of the project ideas and breakthroughs aren't currently easily communicated to others who might have valuable input - here's a way to do so.

Check out the board at

Please feel free to share the site with others who might be interested.

Matt (KC9UHI)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

11/14/13 Bylaw changes

This is the meeting to vote on bylaw changes. The first proposed change is to remove the position of newsletter editor and instead to have an additional member at large. The second change is that non club members must get permission from the board before working on or taking club equipment out of service. The changes were proposed, seconded, and passed.

Next was nominations for club officers. Dana (N9UGM), John, Dave, Nick, Bob (KB8ZXE), Scott (KB9AMM), and Roy (N9ARM) were nominated. There was a vote for the secretary to cast a unanimous ballot for all of the officers, which passed

Thursday, August 29, 2013

View from the 147.120 antenna

It been a few years since anyone checked out our antennas on Scrays hill. Over the weekend Pete, AB9PJ started an inspection process of the whole tower.

The 147.120 is Cellwave PD220, 141-148 MHz 20 foot fiberglass radome antenna at 620 feet above ground level on the North leg of the tower. It looks good yet.

Here is a look from behind it, looking North, toward the city.

Special thanks to Pete, AB9PJ and Bob, KB8ZXE

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Club Picnic

Time once again for the annual club corn roast/picnic.

The annual Green Bay Mike and Key Club corn roast/picnic will be held August 10th at 11AM at the Veterans Memorial Park in Denmark WI. This park is right downtown in Denmark WI. Take the Highway 96 exit from highway 43 all the way into denmark. You will run right into the park at the T in the road. Park is located behind the bank. Look for the K9EAM sign. The club will provide corn,  and soda, please bring a dish to pass and your own utensils. Also bring any other meat you would like to cook on the grill. Lets see a huge turn out for this. If you need directions we will be listening to the 147.120 repeater the day of the event.

There will be a little foxhunt at 11:30ish with dinner around 12.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Field Day 2013

Public Demo of Emergency Communications June 22-23
In the Green Bay area, the Green Bay Mike & Key Club will be demonstrating Amateur Radio at the Sports Complex at 3385 Finger Road June 22 and 23rd.

The public is invited to come and see ham radio’s new capabilities and learn how to get their own FCC radio license before the next disaster strikes.

For more info, see
For any hams interested in helping set up, we plan to start with a breakfast at Aurora Hospital at 8 am with setup beginning at 10AM. There is plans for a cookout Sat evening at 6. The club will provide brats and soda. Please bring a dish to pass and any other meat you would like to burn.Also please bring your own eating utensils Any ham in the area is welcome, also feel free to bring your family. Lets try to get more participation this year. We will be running 5A this year with the callsign K9EAM.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tower at St. Norbert

Saturday the tower a top St. Norbert college was removed. Construction on the JM Science building is in full swing. Some air handler equipment directly below the tower and next to, necessitated the temporary removal of the tower.

The renovation project will take a couple years to complete. When it's done, the building will be know as the Gehl-Mulva science building.

In the mean time, we have relocated the antennas for D-Star/ APRS and 802.11 link (to Scray's hill) on a mast pipe off one of the colleges other antennas.

The 802.11 link to the WFRV tower is used for Skywarn weather spotting.

APRS was recently used for the Lombardi middle school balloon launch.

A special thanks to St. Norbert college and Mr. Downard for their continued accommodation. Also, thanks to everyone who helped with the take-down.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Green Bay area weather balloon carrying APRS

On Monday May 6th, there will be a weather balloon launched from Lombardi middle school.  It will be carrying APRS.  If you are interested in seeing it's track you can follow it on the internet at  More details about the launch and the balloon itself including pictures will be posted here after the event.   

From the Green Bay Press Gazette, May 6th, 2013:

Robert Lane of the Green Bay Mike & Key Club holds a weather balloon next to Lombardi Middle School student Camden Guzman at the school Monday.

The balloon — equipped with cameras, a global positioning system tracking device, and parachute — was launched as part of a science lesson coupled with the education programs from the Civil Air Patrol.

The balloon was expected to come down somewhere near Marshfield.

Well, it didn't make it too far and quit reporting on the decent at 10,000 feet and was found between Pulaski and Navarino.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SK Oliver Davis W9WLZ

It is with deep sympathy that the Green Bay  Mike & Key Club informs you of the passing of a long time member.

Oliver D. Davis, 93, Green Bay, passed away on Saturday, January 5, 2013.

He was born on February 17, 1919 in Green Bay to the late Norman & Minnie Davis.

Oliver graduated from East High School.

He loved Ham Radio, his call letters were W9WLZ.

As a young man he built his own radio equipment, he would repair radio equipment in his parent's basement.

Oliver belonged to the Green Bay Mike & Key Club and was granted a lifetime membership years ago.

When Oliver was younger he worked part time as a projectionist for the local theaters. He started his own Audio Visual Company that he ran for 66 years. He also worked for Gabe's Appliance Store.

You may visit the Press Gazette on-line for a complete obituary. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Board Members

The following are your 7 board members for the next year.

President: Kevin, KB9SNE
Vice-president: Dave, N8KQS
Treasurer: John, W0LFE
Secretary: Nick, KB9UAE
At Large: Pat, KA9VRK , Scott KB9AMM, Bob KB8ZXE