Sunday, July 10, 2011

444.20625 MHz D-Star

Like it or not, the future of two way radio is digital, and we must also advance in this direction.

TV broadcasters were required to be full digital and shut down their analog transmitters in Feb. 2009. This freed up spectrum for the new "700 MHZ public safety band" that is currently being implemented in Brown County.

There is also an FCC mandate for all non-public safety stations to operate on channels with a bandwidth of 12.5 kHz or less beginning January 13, 2013.

The digital premise is that it generally allows more use in a more efficient/ flexible use of band space.

The Mike and Club took advantage of a recent D-Star promotion to enable area amateurs to get their feet wet with digital two-way radio.

D-STAR offers digital voice, short data message, GPS tracking and much more!

Further details can be found on the D-Star page.