Monday, May 8, 2023

Radio Happenings May 8, 2023..


 May 8th  - Field Day Committee
  MAY 10TH – Siren Test Net – 11:45 –Noon
 MAY 11th– M&K Club Meeting
MAY 16TH –CQ Tueday…

**Busy Times*

   “Thanks” goes out to Robert Duescher KA9BXG and crew for assisting with the communications for the MS Walk that took place April 23rd. Great Community involvement. 

Brat Barn Fund Raiser.. May 7th.
  After a little “snafu” with the scheduleing, ( last minute Festy change from East GB, to DePere and from Sunday to Saturday) Keith, KS9WI pulled it out with a good set of workers that were able to make a drizzling start -  turn into a possible record breaking profit. 
 Another Thank You goes out to those of you that came out, chated  and purchased brats and burgers..
NOTE: the original schedule for the brat barns has changed.. Stay tuned…


The new mailing address for the GBM&K is :  . 3004 Quarry Park Dr #10, DePere, WI  54115

                       ##   CLUB HAMFEST JUNE 3RD       ##

  Be sure to check the K9EAM.ORG website for the flyer. This event is our big one! June 3rd which is not that far away anymore. 

  If you are waiting for a phone call to help out, and have not received one, consider this to be that call. 

  Sign up –Todd W9GRB or Dave KD9HJJ

 If you cannot work the fest, come down and get some raffle tickets.. I heard that we have received prizes of $$$ value from vendors.. 

                         &&&&  Field Day  &&&&

 Another meeting of the Field Day committee is taking place on Monday(today) 

 It is good to check things out prior to an event. The antennas were over at N8KQS’s house to be checked out.. Raised the first one in the air and it was over the top of the house.. The Comet analyzer showed bad on all bands..  then all the other antennas did also… The antennas were brought to a different location (KA9BXG) and they checked good.

   Remembered the same thing  happened when checking the antenna at St. Norbert. The Comet folks said the analyzer was getting unwanted rf from the cell tower equipment on the roof. Nothing wrong with the antenna..

  At the house, since the antennas were built, new security cameras were installed .. wireless.. stray rf..

 OK.. looking forward to Field Day, how about you?? June 24-25

Four Seasons Park in Hobart.

 GreenBay Mike&Key Club Meetings:

May 11th  –The Tower Room, 4th floor of the G-M Science Bldg. (elevator) 7PM. (sometimes a Tech Talk at 6:30)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 985 2084 1730
Passcode: 240648
One tap mobile
Find your local number:



Ever wonder if there are any Ham radio operators that may have moved in near you?  There is a map you can bring up with that information… Usually you can see an antenna tower poke out of the trees or on top of a roof.. But there may be a Tech with a HT right now while working on their General level.  Or you may be looking for an Elmer that lives near by..

I just put my grid square (EN64al) in the box and got a pile of information … I even saw that some have moved and must not have sent in a change of address to the FCC yet.. Don’t know your grid square? It should be on your license or go to QRZ Grid Mapper.. Good to know that grid for logging purposes or other things like Winlink and APRS.


The Shack committee will be tieing in a grounding system on the 8th in the afternoon.. this will ground all our equipment in the room. This project will also put in antenna switches with arrestors and dummy loads. Phase two will have the antennas, coax grounded and have arrestors installed .. (unknown date at this time, but soon)

Winlink P2P / or FLdigi

Ever think about sending printed message forms from one radio to another without a repeater? What if the repeaters are down and you want to contact another ham buddy and leave a message? Person to person messaging just like the old packet without the “mailbox” … perhaps a TechTalk in a month from now…

 73 Stay Radio Active

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