In April 2011 Icom America announced a D-STAR Infrastructure Promotion.

Basically all the repeater components totaling about $3,000 have to be purchased up front but if you can meet certain requirements Icom will refund the original purchase price.

* Install in permanent location identified at the time of purchase
* Fully operational on the USROOT trust server with Icom G2 Gateway Software
* Minimum of 10 users registered on the "Gateway"
* Guarantee system on air for minimum of 1 year from date of installation

The program was limited to the first 70 qualifying clubs located in priority
areas listed on their website.

The Green Bay Mike and Key Club decided to move forward on this. And the system has been deployed on a members tower on the East side of Green Bay near the I-43 Industrial Park.

The frequency is 444.20625 MHz

Current activity can be monitored at:

Here is good yahoo support group for D-Star in Wisconsin:

Anyone not registered, please register even if you do not know if you will use this mode. See the following document for details on that process: