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Credit: Pickles by Brian Crane, September 28, 2019

  Welcome to July!!! We ended June with a nice day... 73 light breeze and no rain... The 4th of July is just a few days away and as we toured the farm areas, it does  not seem as if we are going to see the corn "knee high by the fourth of July" . But we should have  great sweet corn when the Club Picnic happens.. (stay tuned.) 
       A short "look back" before we get into what is coming up..
       Tech Talk at the last meeting was by the President of RT Systems. This company provides Ham Radio programming software. Rather than trying to put all the frequencies and menu items in by hand, you fill in the blanks on your pc and then download it in .... The demo was interesting..
       Field Day.. June 22-23... The group gathered at the Oak Street Cafe' at 8am.. the rain had just begun.. Shortly after 9am we headed out to Osprey Point Park.. The East River had just begun to rise next to the driveway ingress. There was a good size bunch of helpers for setting up,  Some of our newest members dug right in.. put up the antennas, ran coax, setting up the radio stations under the shelter just out of the spray of the rain.. had to move one into the building and the third in the EComm trailer.. Used two OCF dipoles, a fan dipole and a 19ft vertical.(not all at the same time) Later on some others came and set up another vertical to use.   At first, one dipole that was parallel to the big power lines had major noise on one radio but another radio was able to null that out.. Ran 3A on 40, 15 and 20 meters.. the CW was mostly on 40 meters. otherwise voice was used on all of them .. 
    Propagation was poor.. the best run was by holding one frequency and calling CQ....
   The dinner was very well attended.. as well as the camaraderie after... 12:30am almost all folks had left- so the two members that were still there, closed down and took a nap until 4:30am .. put on the coffee pot and started back up. 
     Although there was rain most of the time, people kept dropping by.. and we added a few new members ... Welcome !! 
        The end of a great day on Saturday, was highlighted by the bright sky filled rainbow ... almost like someone saying " Job well done ....
       That "job well done" was expressed by the park custodians after checking the park on Monday after.. Thanks to everyone that made that happen.
       The forms have been filled out and sent into the ARRL... 
        Thanks to everyone that helped before, during and after......  

      Coming up... 
  July 10th  - Siren Test Net ... 1145 check in .. Siren at noon unless a storm in the area... 
   July 11th - GB Mike & Key Club Meeting... Tech Talk at 6:30 Meeting at 7pm ..   
  July 13th - Brat Barn at Festival East.. please let Keith KS9WI, know if you can help                              between 9 and 5..
   July 13th - Activation of the Kewaunee Pierhead Lighthouse ...between 10 and 2 on                                HF (try 20m first) 
    (some other dates are coming up to operate from a lighthouse..              mostly on a  Saturday. .interested? Email 
    July 16th - CQ Tuesday...... 
          Early August: National Lighthouse Day
          Later August: Club Picnic

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