Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Radio Happenings 10-09-23

 CALENDAR* October 9 to November 1, 2023

October 11th– Siren Test net
October 12th– GBM&K Club meeting … St Norbert 7PM
October 13 & 14 – STEMpede at Bear Paw Camp.. radio merit badge.
October 17th– CQ Tuesday (Threes day) (third Tuesday lunch at BayFamily)
October 21 &/or 22nd.. Scouting Jamboree On The Air. 

GBM&K Meeting: October 12th
This month of October is an important one. This will be the first of the
nominations for the 2024 Executive Board. Each year, all the Board positions are  open for nominations.. The second and final nominations takes place just before the voting at the Annual Meeting November 9th
. You elect five (5) Board Members. Some time after the election They meet and chose which Officer position they will accept for the coming year. If you are going to nominate someone, be sure they will accept the nomination. 

Zoom participation: It is time to renew our contract with the Zoom company..Like everything else, the price has increased.. so it is time to hear from you on it’s usefulness now that the medical conditions have changed .

October 4th– National Alert Test
Wow… I did not know my phone would put out such a loud noise.. I hope
that your phone sounded.. That says-that in case of a National Emergency,you will be notified..

October 9th.. SET
The annual Simulated Emergency Test took place last Saturday. The test was to see if we were able to provide backup communications to the area hospitals.. This also showed that we are able to not only communicate between those in Green Bay but to hospitals in other Counties. Using Winlink we were able to pass messages to
the State Emergency Management, District EC and State Section Manager.

October 14th Bear Paw Camp… Scouting
This Scouting event is held at Bear Paw Scout Camp near Mountain. The
registration closed shortly after we received notice of invitation. We were able to provide a list of those that have been trained in Youth Safety… Some of you tried to get into the website but could not… most likely because of the closing of the registration. (Guessing) Maybe next year… OR
JOTA: October 21st /22nd
This event is when the Scouts have an opportunity to try to contact other Scouts from around the world via Radio.. We just provide the means and mentoring to do that. We have been asked to set up for this activity to provide for JOTA as well as for the radio merit badge. The location has been changed to the Scout Center near New Franken These are two very active Scout Troops. So we may need two stations … ( Most likely, just on Saturday) do you have a portable HF station??
We can provide the coax and antenna .. If you want to help at this event, please contact me d.catalano2937@gmail.com

Helping to keep you
Radio Active…. Come and join in

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