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Radio Happenings May 24, 2023..

 JUNE 3RDGB M&K Hamfest
 JUNE 8TH  – GB M&K Club Meeting 
 JUNE 10TH – Burlington Freefest
 JUNE 14TH – Siren Test Net
 JUNE 17TH – Sunshine Swap Fest, Neenah


       Yes, the Hamfest is just around the corner. Getting excited? You bet!
 Eight Club members just returned from the Hamvention in Xenia, Ohio(used to be in Dayton) My second time but I saw a lot more this visit. It is also a learning event. As we walked and talked to the vendors like Icom, Yeasu, Kenwood,etc we learned more of what they had. But was also interesting were the ones that had the accessories, like the ammo box radio setups,  the batteries, the various antennas, software, there seemed to be more miniature digital meters for those that are updating their “shacks”. 
       I had the great experience of working in the Tower Electronics booth. Met fellow Hams from all over.. Greece, Italy, U.K., Brazil, etc, and from Washington state to New Jersey, Florida, Texas.  Most said they always come to this particular booth, because they had some of the best adaptors for their set ups. Finding the antenna adaptors for the HTs seemed to be my most sales.  Surprising how many have been to Lambeau Field 
      It is still not too late to reserve your table or Trunk Sales spot for the GBM&K Fest Or volunteer to help out.. contact the Co Chairs..  Sign up –Todd W9GRB- or Dave KD9HJJ


Buffalo 3rd Annual Radio Swap Meet
       Just a plug for their Swap Meet on Sept. 16th 10am to 3pm, in Belpre, Ohio. They are having free food, free admission and there will be a car show on the same grounds with free entertainment.  Door Prize is a  Yeasu  891 HF rig.  We are swaping our Hamfest notice with theirs…  But the updated flyer for ours will be attached to this and they will be sending it out to their operators.  

                           &&&&  Field Day  &&&&
     OK.. looking forward to Field Day, how about you?? June 24-25
Four Seasons Park in Hobart.

    Tech’s.. a great chance to operate on HF .. There will be a control operator that will help you operate.. 
     It really gets dark out there when the sun goes down so be sure to bring a light of some kind to see your way around and to see your radio and logging..
     Hope you can stop by and operate at least for a while. We will be there all night unless we get flashes in the sky.    Share a radio. The Club only has  two laptops for logging.. so if you are going to log your contacts, having the N3FJP Logging software will be compatible .. 
    We will be posting some schedule of events…Pre event Saturday breakfast at Bay Family restaurant… going to the park… setting up stations… linking the logging laptops..
       Potluck dinner on Saturday evening, meat furnished and some liquid refreshment, Please bring a food item to share..

GreenBay Mike&Key Club Meetings:
June 8th  –The Tower Room, 4th floor of the G-M Science Bldg. (elevator) 7PM. (sometimes a Tech Talk at 6:30)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 985 2084 1730
Passcode: 240648
One tap mobile Find your local number:

 Wanted - dual band 50+ watt mobile dual band 2M/70cm vhf/uhf transceiver. Prefer traditional name brand. Walt, KE9TT email: fdpiper-at-duck-dot-com 

      The Shack committee (Larry,K9IQ – Gene, AB9GK) tied in a grounding system - this will ground all our equipment in the room. Antenna switches with arrestors, dummy loads and a SWR/Power meter were also installed.
     The HF system is operable. Please be sure all switches are in the proper position before keying up.   Phase two will have the antennas, coax grounded and have arrestors installed .. (unknown date at this time, but soon)  The VHF/UHF radio had the antenna switch and dummy load installed as well but the antenna is NOT hooked up to the switch because it is attached to the D Star repeater. You can familiarize yourself with the radios by using the dummy load.
73 Stay Radio Active

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