Sunday, March 5, 2023

Radio Happenings February 27th, 2023


March 9th- Ham of the Year deadline
March 9th – M&K Club Meeting
March 12th - Daylight Savings Begins
March 12th - Wis. QSO Party
March 18th - Club Awards Banquet

Things YOU have to do soon – (now would be better) 
**Banquet Reservations - Get your reservations in to to Dave KD9HJJ

*** Ham of the Year Nominations 
.. Do not just submit a name and call. But why that person should be awarded.. Submit your nomination to Robert, KA9BXG at  before March 9th

****WIS QSO Party… Get your crew together and make plans.

Banquet. To submit your RSVP reservation to this event.. send to Dave KD9HJJ  Let him know the number of people in your group.. Time; Attitude adjustment at 5 .. Dinner at 6pm -- The Woods Banquet Hall- 530 Erie Road, East GB off of Finger Road. 

March 12th Wis. QSO Party. Time to get your crew together and make plans. This event gives Techs a good chance to team up with the other classes to get up and on the air.. Update your logging software now.  Might be a good chance to check out the Field Day Site??

Fund Raiser – Brat barns Schedule
 Sunday  May 7 @ GB East                                                         Saturday June 17 @ GB East                                                         Saturday July 15th @ De Pere

The annual Field Day will be June 24th – 25th at our new location of Four Seasons Park in Hobart. To be involved with that event contact Wes, W9WES or Gene AB9GK.
GreenBay Mike&Key Club Meetings:
March 9th – (There will be laptop present to make the Zoom possible this time ) The Tower Room, 4th floor of the G-M Science Bldg. (elevator) 7PM. (sometimes a Tech Talk at 6:30)
Join Zoom Meeting

Minutes of the last meeting .. Attached to the email.. 
Siren Test Net Log: Attached to the email. Join us on the second Wednesday on the repeater.. 

 As we get ready for group radio events like the WI QSO, Special Events and Field Day, we concern ourselves with possible interference from a nearby  antenna that is on a different band. There are band pass filters and tuning stubs. There is a good article explaining tuning stubs and showing how to use them. According to the article, with two of  them and a switch, they a can help on most bands. Before the events, there is still time to make some.. 
“A stub is just a length of transmission line terminated in a fixed impedance, usually a short or open-circuit. “

Stay Radio Active… 

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