Sunday, August 7, 2022

Radio Happenings August 1, 2022..


August 7th – National Lighthouse Day… More in the following…..

August 10th – Siren Test Net..   August 11th  - Thursday, Mike & Key Club Meeting – 7PM  St. Norbert College, Science Bldg, 4th floor

August 27th – Club Picnic CANCELLED

  Here we are - one month before we get to start our Fall mode. Time to squeeze in everything we had hoped to do this summer. I finally got to drive around and look for the noise problem I have had for the past 6 months.. I  think it was found at the three transformers behind Uncle Mike’s bakery… contacted WPS and will wait for their findings… Used a method that was put together by W4DD in a Youtube video.. did not have his software program but went by the screen on the 7300 and a 10 meter vertical antenna.. hard to do by your self, so I recruited KD9HJJ to help..tks…

Going to try to put the picture of what I see below….  If you look to the upper left corner, you will see that the noise is at S9

August 7th every year is Lighthouse Day.  I wrote a lot about it in the last Newsletter. The open house is from 10 to 5.. stop in.. If you are interested in operating  this year – Please let me know.  We are going to operate on 20 and 40 meters from 1130ish to 3PM. it is on a Sunday. Want to give it a try??      bring the family.  Going to finalize the times with the folks there on Tuesday a little after 5…

Club Picnic- At the last meeting it was suggested to have it on August 27th.  I have not heard anything else up to this point except that it may be catered like last time … Location was not firmed yet. 

Ham Cram.. there was a discussion about having a Ham Cram. A person that came to visit the Field Day was inquiring when one might be held. At the Club meeting, the question of how many persons are looking to participate? Are there more persons looking at a ham cram for the General or the Extra license?

Good questions – as far as the latter question, the persons that receive this letter would be able to answer.. The persons  that would want the Technician level would not see this to be able to reply unless one of you have knowledge of their need. In the past, there was a flyer that advertised it and asked for them to sign up.. that had good response.

   If you know of anyone that would be interested in any of the “Crams” , reply back to this address.. before or during our next Club meeting on the 11th …. Send to:

Have a HF radio that you may want to part with or swap+ for a different one? Someone is looking to upgrade to a radio that is more adaptable to operating digital.. like to Winlink. Has an Alinco HF to swap… +

Coming up >>>
Things  that we have historically scheduled:
September: Presentation of By-Law Changes..
October: Nomination of Officers and Plan Christmas Party: Possible JOTA event 3rd weekend.
November : Annual Meeting – Elect Board Members
December: Christmas Party – Officers positions chosen.

09/10/2022 - Ozaukee Radio Club Regional Fall Swapfest*
Location: Cedarburg, WI
*09/23/2022 - 09/24/2022
HRO Superfest, ARRL Central Division Convention
*10/08/2022 - Black River Amateur Radio Assoc. - 17th Annual Central WI SwapFest

That’s it for this email/ Newsletter.… 
Stay Radio Active..

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