Thursday, July 14, 2022

Radio Happenings July 11, 2022


July 13th – Siren Test Net July 14th – 11:45 check in. The siren list is  attached to the same email that sent  this newsletter..  

July 14th Thursday, Mike & Key Club  Meeting – 7PM 

 St. Norbert College, Science Bldg, 4th floor

Here we are at the middle of the  calendar year already.. at least it seems  to have arrived faster this year.. A  seemingly different weather pattern  with windy days and lower humidity  (except today, of course). 

 It may be a good time to check to see  what is ahead before school starts and  the football schedule comes out… It still  amazes me how that influences stores,  weddings, trips, parties and even  church services.  

1. A number of years ago, someone  noticed that there was a National  Lighthouse Day on August 7th every  year. There were even Special Events  for that in QST. An idea was born.. we  could do that too.. and we did… This  year – it is on a Sunday. Want to give it  a try??  


There are two lighthouses right here on  the river. 

If you go toward Bay Beach  

Amusement Park.. then go Northerly on  North Irwin Ave alongside the park it  turns into Bay Beach Road. When you  get near the end of the road, there is  public boat landing on the left and just  past that, is the Green Bay Yachting  Club. 

 Within their property are the two  Grassy Island Range Lights. National  Numbers #334 & #339. 

 Two years ago, 2 million dollars were  spent on renovations which is quite  evident.. You can visit there on  Tuesdays from 5PM to 7PM when the  gates are open.. On Aug. 7th, there is an  Open House from 10AM to 5PM.. bring  the family. info/grassy-island-range-lights/ 

 2. As August rolls near and you can  still hear the corn growing at night, it  brings thoughts of roasting corn on the  grill or fire pit.. Picnics… Club Picnic??

As you may have heard, there will be  some changes made to the area we  have used for Field Day for the past  years and it will not be available any  more. 

 A suggested location has been put  forth. The Village of Hobart has another  park a little North of where we were. It  is the Four Seasons Park. It is located  on 40 acres. Lots of room, no doubt. A  new shelter.. But if you get an  opportunity, take a ride there and look  it over.. like everything else, “Beauty is  in the eye of the beholder”. 

 This might be brought up at the Club  meeting this week..  

Out West Mason to Overland Dr turn  right.. to Four Seasons Lane. 

Financial Report 

Balance 6/6/2022 $ 13,634.20 

Deposit 6/9 Hamfest 342.18
Deposit 6/10 Hamfest 753.00
Deposit 6/13 Hamfest 1,339.55
Deposit Paypal 23.79
Deposit PayPal 18.93
Deposit KA9BXG 426.00
Deposit N8KQS 117.28 

Total Deposits 3,021.21   

Debit Festival 6/13 338.35

Debit Festival 6/13 70.91

Debit Festival 6/13 78.83

Debit Festival 6/27 58.60 Total Debits 546.69 



Balance 6/21/2022 16,108.72

 Fraud Withdrawals 6/22-6/24 14,997.86 

Associated Bank contacted on 6/27/2022 and  notified of fraudulent activities. Investigation is  active as of 6/27/2022

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