Saturday, May 14, 2022

Radio Happenings May 9, 2022..

Writing this on Monday, May 9th, 3 PM. Mostly Sunny, temperature a great 69.4, wind out of the South at a sustained 22 mph with gusts up to 33mph according to my Ambient weather station.
Just came in after picking up dead branches and found that my USA flag broke the cord… I did not hear the flapping of Old Glory right after 2:30pm. Anytime the temp reaches a nice temperature, something else happens and I cannot fly my kites… If I tried today, I may have had to tie myself to a tree… OK, I’m not that light.. 

May 11th – Siren Test Net…
May 12th – Mike & Key Meeting..
May 15th – Cellcomm Marathon..
May 17th – CQ Tuesday
May 20-22 – Dayton Hamfest
May 30th – Memorial Day…
June 4th – Our Hamfest ! Signup Pls.

Brat Barn Fund Raiser
Our fund raiser was at the Brat Barn at the Festival Foods on the West side of
DePere on Saturday, May 7th. Was an event not easily forgotten.
Usually it is the best weekend with the sale of Mother’s Day flowers and brings in the hungry customers..
We lost some 40 minutes of cooking time.. the cooking started off great going through 2 cases of brats in good time… then the grill loaded up with ash—the air could not get under the charcoal. The grill temp dropped to below 150F.. Problem two.. all the brats were super frozen..
  The grating (very thin) under the embers was flat against the ash plate.. In order to stop the customers from leaving for the rest of the day, we pulled the embers off the plate, dumped the ash into an overflowing ash bin and basically started all over..
Although we lost some time and some customers, the fire came up and we ended up selling a total of 6 cases of Brats … not sure how many burgers were sold… Listen to the report at the meeting on Thursday..

     Not to brag, but a lady drove up and handed me $10 without purchasing any product.. Must have been my M&K Club Shirt being displayed on a great model. .hi..

    Siren Test Net ###Starts at 11:45 list of sirens attached to this email.

Mike & Key Club Meeting

Meeting on Thursday May 12 - 7PM In person or on Zoom. The Zoom information can be found on the K9EAM.ORG website. Right side column.

 Mike and Key Club Ham Fest June 4th.!!!

If you are someone that waits until they know if they have the  time to assist at any of the events, don’t wait any longer. The volunteer list is not that good and without volunteers, this event may not take place and we are less than a month away and need your name on the list.. DO IT NOW!!   Please volunteer for this…  Contact Pres. Paul KBØP, kbØ


  The Cellcom Marathon is on again this year!! They are looking for 2 more radio operators on May 15th from 6AM to 2PM.. 
Radios will be furnished.. You will be operating from inside a large tent with the other Radio operators. You will be
in contact with a couple of the route Med stations reporting need of medical attention… When signing up, pick on the job square and pick “Medical Communications- Amateur Radio” Here is the link to sign up..
  There is a short training a couple of days before the event and a party a week later.. see you there. Lunch and snack provided… 

  CQ Tuesday May 17th

 All welcome! Gather around 11:30 at the Bay Motel Family Restaurant.. usually order around 11:45.. come and join in the camaraderie… meet some of the people you may only talk to on the radio..  A lot of knowledge there to tap.  

 Memorial Day Flags help needed…

 May 25th.. rain day, May 26th..

Help put flags on the graves of our Veterans at Allouez Cemetery. 3000 Flags need to be placed -be there at 8AM on the West side of the Cemetery.


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