Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Field Day 2019

We will be operating 3A this year.. that is we are able to have 3 transmitters on ---  Location: Pine Tree Park

Saturday, June 22, 8AM - Breakfast at the Oak Street Cafe', Oak Street, West De Pere.

Set up at the site- Around 9:30 or after breakfast, If you are not doing breakfast, you are welcome to head to the park..Please allow space about midway on the fence for the trailer parking spot. ==== setting up / antenna, radios, run cable for antenna, cable for logging computers, display table, sign in sheets, banners by road, generator, extension cords, computers, wash station, et al.
 *If did not have a big breakfast, you may want to bring lunch or snacks...  

1800 UTC   1PM - Begin collecting exchanges from other sites. 
Dinner - 5-ish  The Club will have hot coals &  Brats and Burgers, some soda & water... we ask that you bring a dish to share.  We ask that you do not eat near the computers or radios so as to not "sticky up" the equipment.. There will be a wash station ...... 
Continue with making contacts through the night and into the morning... there will be coffee.. 
1PM Sunday, End  Take down the antennas,  roll up the cables and rope. close the radios & logging gear.