Sunday, December 8, 2013

IRLP restored December 8th, 2013

Internet has been restored to the hill which brings the IRLP on 444.775 back on-line.  Our existing link to St. Norbert's had to be removed in early November for their remodeling project.  The new link is using the same equipment as before but is now at a club members home.  It is a 4.8 mile hop on 2.4Ghz.  The signal appears fine, however we need to watch it over the next week to make sure that it is stable.


Greetings Everyone -

Matt, KC9UHI has started up a message board as a central location for discussion of various digital technologies in amateur radio. It seems as many people in the area are beginning to get more involved with HSMM, P25, APRS, etc. and working on implementing the technology for use. Unfortunately, most of the project ideas and breakthroughs aren't currently easily communicated to others who might have valuable input - here's a way to do so.

Check out the board at

Please feel free to share the site with others who might be interested.

Matt (KC9UHI)

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