Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tower at St. Norbert

Saturday the tower a top St. Norbert college was removed. Construction on the JM Science building is in full swing. Some air handler equipment directly below the tower and next to, necessitated the temporary removal of the tower.

The renovation project will take a couple years to complete. When it's done, the building will be know as the Gehl-Mulva science building.

In the mean time, we have relocated the antennas for D-Star/ APRS and 802.11 link (to Scray's hill) on a mast pipe off one of the colleges other antennas.

The 802.11 link to the WFRV tower is used for Skywarn weather spotting.

APRS was recently used for the Lombardi middle school balloon launch.

A special thanks to St. Norbert college and Mr. Downard for their continued accommodation. Also, thanks to everyone who helped with the take-down.

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