Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update on the new repeater and controller for 147.360+ PL 100 at Bellin Hospital

The Bellin repeater is now up to specs and fully functional as of 9:30PM July 10th thanks to KB9UAE and KB9MWR. Steve and Nick put in 12+ hours testing, re-programming and checking out every aspect of the installation including making up new cables for the duplexer which was still perfectly tuned after many years at the college! They also installed a common grounding strap between the power supply, duplexer and repeater. The controller is now indentifying with the proper ID. The power is approximately 40 watts ERP at the antenna.

Next, venting holes need to be drilled in the cabinets for the repeater to improve dissipation of heat. We can begin to develop a 360 degree range pattern for this site over time.

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