The Green Bay Mike and Key Club runs and maintains four repeaters.

147.120(+) PL 107.2 Located at Scray's Hill Green Bay, Wisconsin. It's at 620 feet on North-West Leg of the old analog WFRV tower using a Cellwave PD220 antenna.
Equipment was updated to a Kenwood TK-750 and TPL Amplifier in 2009.

147.360(+) PL 100.0 Located at the Green Bay Area Public School District Office.
Updated to a Motorola GR1225 in 2018.

444.775(+) PL 107.2 Located at the 100 foot level on Scray's Hill Green Bay, Wisconsin. The antenna is a Comprod 4 bay folded diple. IRLP Node 4475. Updated to a Kenwood TKR-850 and TPL Amplifier in 2007.

444.20625(+) D-Star (K9EAM B) is now Located at St Norbert's College. (2011).  Please see to register to use this mode.

In times of emergency, all repeaters are available for emergency communications. At all other times the repeaters are available for normal amateur use.

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