Saturday, September 24, 2022

Radio Happenings September 23rd, 2022.

October 1st – ARES S.E.T. 
October 8th – Scout STEMpede-Bear Paw
October 15th- Scout Jamboree On The Air
October 15th–ARRL Convention-Wis.Rapids
October 22nd –HARA Hamfest- Naugaunee
November 5th -Friendly Fest-Milwaukee
November 6th – Fox Cities Hamfest-Kaukauna

Club Picnic: The picnic was held at the Osprey Point park in Bellevue . It was a beautiful day, no bugs, good food, (Thanks, Scott) and great company with conversations that kept folks there. Thanks go out to those 24 that came. Mike for showing his latest project of the 10 GHz system. Interesting just to look at and it works!
 We had door prizes! A Thank you goes out to our donors.. 
  Who would have thought it would be such a task to give away a quad band radio at a Radio Club Picnic? 

Club Meetings:
 At the time of this newsletter, the room that we use for the meetings has been scheduled by a different group for the October and the November meetings.  The Officers of the Club are presently seeking another venue…  A location will be sent out as soon as it is confirmed.  

Oct. 15th Scouting Jamboree On The Air… J.O.T.A. Modern technology offers Scouts the exciting opportunity to make friends in other countries without leaving home. JOTA is an annual event in which Boy and Girl Scouts and Guides from all over the world speak to each other by means of Amateur (ham) Radio.
There used to be a conflict in years past with the Scouts Food Drive on the same day.. Not this year… so we are anticipating a good turn out. Hope to have a couple of stations (Hint- radios)   The American Legion, 1708 N Irwin Ave. will be our location this year. If you have some time, stop by and give a hand or information..  9am to ~1Pm 
In 2014, over 1.3 million Scouts, Guides/Girl Scouts participated in JOTA..

Scouting & Radio:
  Oct.8th The STEMpede will take place at Bear Paw Scout Camp again this year.  Our schedule to be there has been shortend to one day to give  those interested the opportunity to make contacts via radio. The time there will be for about four hours. 
  If you were one of the ones that volunteered to go, please refresh my memory.. text or call 9202273235  Thank you.. 

Things  that we have historically scheduled:
October: Nomination of Board members and Plan Christmas Party: JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) 
November : Annual Meeting – Elect Board Members   **Just to note that it was suggested in Sept. that the Board choose their officer positions after the election rather than wait until Dec. **
December: Christmas Party – Officers positions chosen.
Winter Field Day..
January:  Set up chairpersons for : 1.Wis. QSO party. 2. Banquet 3. Hamfest. 4. Brat Barn. 4. Field Day.    5. Picnic.  

** Start thinking now about the next Club meeting in October !  Nominations begin at this meeting for members of the Board. The actual final nominations are at the November Annual Meeting followed by the election. Check with members that you would like to see steer the group into the future.. What about YOU as a member of the Board? 

Something new!
Those that are familiar with Winlink, know that the software known as Vara has helped as a TNC (Terminal Node Controller ) for Winlink.. The group that formed that software came out with another format..  Called VarAC … 
 It is a HF chat software… Keyboard to keyboard…  Can also be used like the Packet was with mailboxes… 
  If you want to chat with an other ham but do not want the world to listen in, here is another way… 

      Take a look at it.. It may solve the problem of calling CQ to someone and you do not want to just send an email.. but put the note in their “mailbox ‘    

    Might be fun way of “rag chewing”  and exercising those fingers… 
    I see a lot of uses for this mode even in emergency communications … 
  (Don’t be afraid of the “dashboard” when you first look at it) 

That’s it for this email/ Newsletter.… 
Stay Radio Active

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