Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Note for Baofeng Buyers at Hamfest

   *Item from the HamFest .. IF you know if you or  someone that purchased some Baofeng radios from N8KQS,  they may have the wrong chargers.. It was pointed out that the 5 watt radios had some 8 watt chargers and vise versa .  The 5 watt chargers are square cornered where the 8 watt chargers have rounded corners and do not make good contact for charging. Replacements are available on a swap basis. 

      There are still some Baofeng radios left.. Spare antennas... headsets.. speaker mikes.. two UPS units... a MFJ dummy load... spare chargers for the 5 watt units.. other odds and ends... All receipts go to the M&K Club.   920 227 3235

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