Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Radio Happenings March 6th, 2022



March 9th – Siren Test Net 11:45 147.120                                                  March 10th – M&K Club Meeting                                                                March 12th Scout Radio Merit Badge                                                                        March 13th Daylight Savings begins..                                                                       March 13th.. Wisconsin QSO Party 

March 19th Awards Banquet (the Woods) 530 Erie Road-- Please RSVP to  ka9bxg@gmail.com                     


Scout Radio Merit Badge

We have been asked to help with the Radio Merit Badge. The Scouts need to have a 10 minute contact via radio and  that is where we come in. Please plan on being available on March 12th.  All radio operators like to talk.. here is a chance for more..  More information on Freq. and times coming. (I hope)    Most likely starting mid morning until about 3PM                                                    

 Those of you that use the N3FJP Logging software for the Wis. QSO Party – They have an update that is available dated 3/03/2022. Hope you made your plans for the QSO party.  The Club“Shack” at St. Norbert College will be open for the Wisconsin QSO Party. They will be using the Club Callsign. Drop in..

##The Annual Awards Banquet is coming up. At the Woods Banquet Hall,. $18/person. I have heard that the menu will be chicken and  beef tips..  Will be looking for a head count soon.. Everyone welcome.. Make plans….  RSVP to   ka9bxg@gmail.com                       

NOW!!! Need 20 to nail it down ..



Meetings have been at St Norbert as well as on Zoom. Use the information sent out last week and this week. You will also find it on the Web Site.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 8875 9720
Passcode: 656630
Find your local number: 

Treasurer’s report:
Opening Balance Feb 5, 2022                $ 10, 338.43
    Paypal2/18                                                     9.22
    Paypal2/22                                                   42.72
    Bank Deposit 2/24                                         20.00
    Paypal2/28                                                   18.93
    Amazon Smile3/3                                          33.17
Total deposits                                                  124.04
Expenses                                                            -0-
Ending Balance 3/3/2022                        $ 10,462,47
 As you may see, if you are purchasing anything via Amazon, switch to Amazon Smile and set the charity to the Green Bay Mike & Key club.. then they will send a percent of the purchase to the Club.. without an additional cost to you.  Thank you to those that are already doing it
 How many times have we come across some “noise” on some of the bands and if we have been using FLdigi, would like to know what mode to set it for.  Is it PSK31 or Olivia or even RTTY.. this web site link has a lot of the answers and you will be surprised on the wealth of other information it has .. another tool of reference perhaps… 

For Sale

 APC Battery Backup UPS, 6 outlets

4 battery ups +surge, 2 surge  255 watts   $50 obo.    New in box..

Contact N8KQS or KD9HJJ..

 As you saw with the tornados in Iowa this past week.. it can come at any time and more are showing up further North lately. Be ready to assist..  good start is to go to the National Weather Service site an take the virtual class.. at:: For more information on the storm spotter program, including online training materials, brochures and references, pleasevisit:  https://www.weather.gov/grb/skywarn

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