Monday, February 14, 2022

Radio Happenings Feb. 14, 22


Radio Happenings

February 14, 2022

CQ Tuesday Feb. 15th

The various committees have been on  the move. Dates are being filled in and planning is ongoing.

Your participation is needed for these to be a success.. as they have in the past.


March 1st Nominations for Ham of the year deadline.

March 12th Scout Radio Merit Badge

March 13th Daylight Savings begins..

March 13th.. Wisconsin QSO Party

March 19th Awards Banquet (the Woods)

April 9th Brat Barn De Pere

May 7th Brat Barn De Pere

June 4th M&K Hamfest

June 12th Brat Barn GB East (if needed)

June 25-26 –Field Day *

 Radio Merit Badge..

We have been asked to help with the Radio Merit Badge. The Scouts need to have a 10 minute contact via radio and that is where we come in. Please plan on being available on March 12th. More information on Freq. and times coming.

  ##The Annual Awards Banquet is coming up. At the Woods Banquet Hall, 530 Erie Road. $18/person. I have heard that the menu will be chicken and  beef tips..  Will be looking for a head count soon.. Everyone welcome.. Make plans….                              

 Nominations - The Ham of the Year

Besides submitting the name and call sign of the person, you must indicate what they did to earn the nomination.

Send your nomination to Nathan Parks, Be sure to put your call sign on there to verify your membership.

REMINDER:  Our Treasurer is collecting  your dues for the coming year. Send via PayPal (can be found on the Website.. On the right side of the page. “Membership form/Dues”) OR send a check to:Green Bay Mike & Key Club, P.O.Box 13351, Green Bay, WI 54307-  If you have not paid dues prior to 2020, you have been expunged from the list.. Send in this year’s dues to get back on..

Have you tried out the new and improved 147.360 repeater? 

Have you made any Ham Radio instructional videos? We could put in a link to it in the next newsletter…

Talking about links.. have you checked out all the links that are in the Club website?
Notice the club logo -- in color!  No, It was not me, but talented member of the club that did that..
Short note – The Club“Shack” at St. Norbert College will be open for the Wisconsin QSO Party. They will be using the Club Callsign.
When filling out your log sheet, be sure to include everyone that was operating, not just the operator whose call you used.. that way if your station gets an award, everyone that worked it, will be eligible.
·         China has built a giant radio antenna that uses five times the area of New York City. It will be used to communicate with submarines. The Wireless Electromagnetic Method (WEM) project took 13 years and will emit extremely low-frequency radio waves (ELF waves).
That’s it for this email…
Stay RadioActive.


A radio operator in Lower Michigan would always end his transmission with: “There are no bad days, just that some days are better than others”

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