Thursday, January 27, 2022

Short Notes at the end of January...

 Short notice... Winter Field Day - January 27- 28. Rules are the same as last year. Be sure you have updated your logging program. This year the weather may be more of a factor than some in the past. Of course, you can operate from your home QTH.

  Committees are hard at work. The Hamfest group is meeting soon, the Banquet committee is working with a location and menu. The Field Day committee has pretty well set up the Pine Tree Park for that venue.  The Brat Barn coordinators are just waiting for the day of  the picking of choices.

  Wisconsin QSO Party is coming on March 13th .. Be aware that if you have not been in this contest before, you can enter the Rookie category. Be sure to put the Mike & Key club as your club in the entry form. You will still get individual recognition and the Club as well.+

  Awards banquet ... in  the past, it has been known that members have put together "novelty" awards. (in good taste)

   Stay on the warm side of the door  if you can...  Good time to study for the license upgrade.. or  learn a new mode..

   Stay Radio Active...

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