Sunday, October 24, 2021

Scanner Modification

  Thanks to Scott, KB9AMM, for this bit of information. I hope it                                              is interesting to you as it was for me... 

"I ran across a very interesting  article that tells how to modify a scanner 
to pick-up and decode the digital transmissions of D-STAR, NXDN4800,
 NXDN9600, DMR/MotoTRBO, P25 Phase 1, X2-TDMA, and ProVoice. 
 Mod is simple, and software is free.  It was published in the latest West 

Thought it might be a good article to pass along to you for the membership!"
It is a good article.. anyone else finds something of interest in the lines of
 Radio, pass it here and it might show up on the site... 

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