Friday, June 29, 2012


The club recently installed a dual band antenna for the K9EAM DSTAR repeater at St. Norbert College.  The uhf DSTAR repeater is currently using this antenna and seems to be working rather well.  When we made the decision to install this antenna it was with the intent of using both vhf and uhf at the same time.  To test this an APRS i-Gate was installed.  A diplexer, cables, tnc, and a radio was donated for this project.  The existing power supply and computer for DSTAR were also used.

After fixing an interference issue the i-Gate has been running for a couple weeks and is hearing a lot of stations.  According to the internet site the station is hearing mobile stations out to about 25 miles.  It is also hearing digipeaters from Milwaukee, Sayner, Traverse City MI, Marquette MI, with the furthest one being in Pickford MI at 210 miles away.



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