Sunday, March 25, 2012

K9EAM D-Star Moved

Today a few members completed the move of the Green Bay Mike & Key Club's D-Star repeater. (444.20625 MHz) It is now located in De Pere, WI atop St. Norbert's college.

The new antenna is a Dual band Diamond X-50, which replaces the VHF 4 bay that had a failing (from age) phasing harness. 1/2" Hardline was installed along with a Polyphaser lightening arrester to feed the antenna.

Coverage seems improved, although testing has been limited.

In the coming weeks/month an 802.11 link will be installed to re-establish an internet feed for the 444.775 MHz IRLP repeater on Scray's hill from the college.

Thanks to St. Norbert College for making this possible.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Club Banquet

There has been a change to the club banquet, we did not have enough people sign up. So we are just going to get together at 630 in the Bar area for supper. It will still be held at Stadium View. If you want to show up earlier to have a few drinks feel free. We will just be ordering off of the menu.