Sunday, June 24, 1990

Tower Work

The club hired St. Paul Tower to replaced one run of feedline and one antenna.  Three pieces of 7/8" 50 ohm feedline were donated by Duke Wright thanks to Steve, N9FOY.

At this time we still had a receive antenna at 900 feet with preamp, and our transmit was at 700 feet.

Tuesday, March 6, 1990

Green Bay Mike & Key Club Celebrates 50 years

The Green Bay Mike and Key Club received its 50 Year Certificate of Affiliation with the American Radio Relay League at the club's December meeting. Shown from left are; Club Secretary Gregg Seidl, KA9LOE; Treasurer Pat Bryhan, KA9VRK; Founding Member Jerry Vam, W9VOM; ARRL Section Traffic Manager Dick Hugi, KC9CJ; President Robert Heiser, WA9SWX, and Vice=President Scott Cole, KB9AMM.

The American Radio Relay League presented a certificate to the Green Bay Mike and Key Club, honoring the club's 50 years of affiliation with the ARRL. The certificate was presented at the club's December 1989 meeting.

The club affiliated with the League on October 21, 1939, with about 15 members. Today the club has grown to more than 110 members. Four of those members are founding members from 1939, and they are still active in the club.

The club holds the ARRL Charter number 1922.

Meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month at the Red Cross Center in Green Bay. The club maintains three repeaters, and has HF and 2-meter equipment at the club station at the Red Cross for emergency communications. The club has three generators, and has antennas for both portable and fixed operation.

The club is active in public service communications, and has assisted with the March of Dimes Walkathon, the Jaycees River Fest, bike-a-thons, and the YMCA Triathlon. Members work severe weather nets with the National Weather Service office in Green Bay, and they assist the Red Cross Disaster Service and Brown County Emergency Government. They are also active in the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), and the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES). The club sponsors a Novice class every year.

The club is currently putting together a club library, is working on a hamfest for this fall, and they are updating their main repeater.

Tuesday, February 27, 1990

50 years ago

Source: Green Bay Press Gazette

Members of the Mike and Key Club of the YMCA held their first annual get-together Feb 27, 1940
Officers included:
President: William Terp, W9FGH
Vice president: Glen Schlingerman, W9WNQ
Secretary-treasurer: Oliver Davis, W9WLZ

Other members included:
Orville Badeau, W9UWB
George Bellinger, W9QPP/W9LET
Joe Berger,W9BCH
Les Berkle, W9WWC
Ken Bisel, W9HWX
Harold Dole, W9CTH
Barney Engels, W9NTD
Harry Haskins, W9FWO
Ralph Hoffman,
Doc Holtz,W9NDT
Jim Hyskey, W9GJK
Al Ives, W9JCC
Al Janelle (Sr.), W9CEA
George Lord, W9NNL
Harvey Mattes, W9UBX/K9DOL
Ambrose McKloskey, W9JXZ/W9ZOJ
Fred Rahr, W9NNT
Harold Reid,
Lloyd Root, W9EHD/W9HA
Guy Theeke, 
Joe Lotter, W9JBU/W9FFX
Vic Lotter, W9DRI
Harold Walch, W9GUE
Charles Sanders, WD9CLL
Harry Staszak, W9TKZ/WB9WAT
Walter Stromberg, W9DC
Jerry Van, W9VOW
Myron Vannes,
John Varney, W9YDY/AG9K
Lowell Zable, W9UPB

(callsigns did not appear in the Press Gazette snippet, they are from research/records)