Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jamboree On The Air Oct 17th

The Hamcram / VE testing last weekend went well with all persons taking the class and test passing.
The Christmas party is to be held the second Thursday of December at the American Legion Post . 1708 N Irwin Ave.

A DMR Repeater is active in the area (442.83125) ... and you can see  the prices of the radios are going down on EBay (CS700)..

The ARRL is raising the dues $10..

The last winner of the last  Fox Hunt was Keith KS9WI ​--

Meetings are now being held in the Tower Room, Rm 4095, in the G-M Science Center.. Easy entrance: on the church side of the building.  Go up Reid street to the end, turn right around the building and pull into the parking area on  the right..

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