Saturday, September 27, 2014

Green Bay Hams Attempting to Launch a Mesh Network

Based on the enthusiasm from fellow Amateurs around the globe, at the last meeting we decided to proceed by launching a high profile node for area hams to experiment with. It features a 180 degree 2.4 GHz sector antenna yielding 14 dBi gain.

Broadband-Hamnet is the self discovering, self configuring, and fault tolerant IP network capable of transporting video, voice and more. The thought is:

As interest in voice repeaters continues to wane, multi-media networks do make perfect sense. These more modern types of networks have the potential to draw new blood into the hobby. New hams who have software skills that can help the community with software defined radio and so forth.

Ham radio used to be a good starting place for many who later entered broadcast and electronics careers. Today those positions are few and far between due to disposable electronics and consolidation of engineers with mega broadcast groups. What is the most notable/abundant "tech" career today is IT (information technology) work.

It helps ham radio stay relevant.

One node is a start right, but isn't a Mesh. So we could use your help to locate and secure more locations around town to deploy nodes.

Till then, for us to better understand how signals propagate on the 2.4 GHz microwave band, you can start by aiming South at Scray's hill and looking for the the SSID: K9EAM-HAM

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