Sunday, March 25, 2012

K9EAM D-Star Moved

Today a few members completed the move of the Green Bay Mike & Key Club's D-Star repeater. (444.20625 MHz) It is now located in De Pere, WI atop St. Norbert's college.

The new antenna is a Dual band Diamond X-50, which replaces the VHF 4 bay that had a failing (from age) phasing harness. 1/2" Hardline was installed along with a Polyphaser lightening arrester to feed the antenna.

Coverage seems improved, although testing has been limited.

In the coming weeks/month an 802.11 link will be installed to re-establish an internet feed for the 444.775 MHz IRLP repeater on Scray's hill from the college.

Thanks to St. Norbert College for making this possible.

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